Maharashtra Defeat: Lessons for BJP

October 22, 2009

BJP, if it has to get out of its morass of the past decade, will need following:

  1. Coherent definition of Ideology elements such as Hindutva, Big Ideas that will have resonance in minds of voters.
  2. Social Engineering to expand its voter base on social and economic criteria. Execution done by enabling the Organization machinary, effectively synergising with like minded organization/groups/opinion makers.
  3. Inspiring and credible leadership of a proven performer like Modi who can bring in the incremental votes (something that Advani 2009 could not achieve). Credibility of leadership is important. Image should match reality. (Sickular muck throwing if effectively countered on ground will help potential BJP voter mobilisation)

Above three conditions in conjunction are necessary. A two legged or a one legged seat is never stable.

A committed dharmic battle fought in the mindspace, resolutely over a period of time is the way to go. There should be a will to win backed by killer instinct (Krishna Neethi) to win. Perseverence will be the key. While the election campaign is culmination of the fight, the war to root out totalitarian dynastic evil congress I (islami-isai) is continuous and it should continue with full vigor.

(This section is from more extensive analysis that was done earlier post 2009 LS Elections)