Jyoti Singh Pandey – Dilli Rape Victim and Sickular Media Deceit

January 7, 2013


It is important for natives who tend to be naive to learn some of the sickular principles and ways of working. Usually these principles are at work in the paid media coverage – the kind of coverage NDTV types do. While NDTV/IBN etc are crude,  New York Times, Wall Street Journal etc are more sophisticated, but do the same when it cocerns the Hindus. Badri, Jyoti Singh’s father was not an untypical Hindu from Uttar Pradesh – A poor guy who hard-worked his way up and had dreams for his children. See this report that captures few facts about Jyoti Singh Pandey family.

In the sickular lexicon, Hindus cant be victims. So NDTV spun out Jyoti’s name as Amanat – a moslem name – sly goebellsian deceit to subliminally push muslim victim hood. Sicko deceit principle at work here: Always deny victim hood to Hindus, but provide victim hood narrative to christians and muslims even when such claims are nonexistent.

Suzanne (arundati) roy comes across as much a xn fascist as Sonia, that wears a Hindu name mask and peddles xn-red hate (liberation theology – marriage of marx & jesus). Suzanne smeared at protests as a reaction that happened only because “middle class girl” was raped.  Sicko deceit principle here is deeper. Xn deceit pretends to speak for dalits and tribals that are hot targets for xn evangelization. Suzanne types deliver the xn fascist message “you will never get justice in Hinduism” so that evangelicals can come and do their bit. For these sickular crooks, “Middle Class” is code word for Hindu; And the Hindu should always be blamed for the failure of sickular despots that include x/m fascists that have mis-ruled India for long.

To ensure that their failure in expanding the economic pie is obfuscated, sickos create and nurture schisms among natives. Keeping Hindu society divided is a key sickular agenda. Sickular deceit principle –  use sub identities like Jati, Bhasha etc to make the Hindus fight among themselves. – So for paid media “do-beegha zameen wala” – subsistence farming Bhumihar becomes a land-lord. Sickos invent justification for hate towards such people, so that if such subsistence farming Bhumihar is killed, it is the Bhumihar victim’s problem.

Powerful sickular axis of evil at the top that is setting and driving the agenda today in India includes xn, red and islamic fascist cabals. And this axis is relentlessly nurturing hate among natives. India will win only if this evil is defanged.

Dr Subramanian Swamy on Black Money Slashed Abroad

June 17, 2011

Address on Black Money Slashed Abroad by Dr Subramanian Swamy

Dr Swamy addresses an audience in Chennai. He explains what is black money, how it travels abroad, how it harms the nation and how to bring the stolen loot back. Read the rest of this entry »

Girish Shahane: Misguiding about Lonely Planet India Book

October 26, 2010

One Girish Shahane (GS) asserts that the highly recommended and commonly used travel guide, Lonely Planet (LP) is islamophobic. Mr. Shahane has tried to buttress this assertion by arguments all of which turn out to be facile. GS comes up with numerous farcical arguments, which are captured below:

For starter, GS argues, LP is islamophobic because he says LP mentions Ahmad Shah Durani as a Mughal, Ala-ud-din Khilji as Pakthun.

Durrani was, of course, not a Mughal at all. But hey, these guys are all Muslims, right? Mughal, Turk, Afghan, big difference. That attitude is probably why Allaudin Khilji is wrongly labelled a Pathan.

Historian R C Majumdar refers to contemporary historian Zia-u-din Barni referring to Khiljis as non-Turks (Afghan Pathans).  There  is a contrary opinion by Major Raverty that cites Khiljis as Turks.  H A Rose and John Alfred Gray among others assert Khiljis are Ghilzai Pathans.

That said, it is indeed more than a tad rich to project minor denominational errors, even if present, as examples of deliberate islamophobia.

Girish Shahane takes objection to Padmini’s Jauhar citation in LP Travel Guide.

The great poet and mystic Amir Khusro, who chronicled Khilji’s campaign, made no mention of any Padmini. The story was dreamt up much later

If Girish Shahane intended to disprove historic persona of Padmini, he has to do better. A convincing case can not be made by arguing that Xyz did not refer to it.  The legend of Padmini in many ways is allegorical and is a manifestation of courage by virtuous Rajput Queens and valiant Rajput people. Jauhar, an outcome of muslim invasion was an ugly reality that Rajput women of those days faced. Allaudin Khilji was not only a perpetrator of serious regicide but also someone who coveted others’ wives an inexcusable crime in native Indian tradition.

Would Girish Shahane take objection to arabian fables circulated in books on Jerusalem like mohummad taking a winged horse for flight to Jerusalem or jesus coming out of dead. One would suspect he would not. Read the rest of this entry »