Dr Subramanian Swamy on Black Money Slashed Abroad

June 17, 2011

Address on Black Money Slashed Abroad by Dr Subramanian Swamy

Dr Swamy addresses an audience in Chennai. He explains what is black money, how it travels abroad, how it harms the nation and how to bring the stolen loot back. Read the rest of this entry »


Dhanam Chittham Vikrothi

September 29, 2009

This is a Vijayadashami Post. Those familar with native Indian traditon would know Chanakya’s famous aphorism- Bhalam Chitham Vikhrothi: Power can confuse the mind. Dhanam (Money), a sublime manifestation of power has similar properties too – can cause confusion. One key reason why India has not done better is on account of natives’ weaknesses on money power on account of centuries of loot and poor understanding on how to make money work to protect ones self interests. This facet is elaborated a bit more below.

While economic wealth can be put to benign productive use, In India, consistently it has been deployed to undermine democracy, native interests.  While now defunct, Center of Right Swatantara Party’s C Rajagopalachari lamented on nehru’s undermining of electoral process by corrupt practices and use of slash funds. On ground Rajagopalachari, who had scruples could not dislodge nehru despite nehru’s systematic undermining of societal trust.

Even worse abuse of societal trust has been carried out by church in India. Church has explicitly targeted native Indians for conversion to its totalitarian dogma through use  of deceit. Earlier, natives believing church to be a benign do-good entity that had pure service orientation and goal allowed it to set up churches/related institutions in their land. Before 1947, christian british rulers patronized the church, enabling its accumulation of huge assets, a scam no-one talks about. In an unprecedented way, this has aided christian groups to perpetrate religious apartheid on native Hindus.

Let us explore an example of how church undermined natives. In the late 90s an isolated attack on a rogue Australian evangelical missionary, Graham Staines was mass propogated as genocidal pogram carried out by natives.

Ground reality is as elsewhere, in India too, contribution of xian missionaries has been by and large nasty though centuries of lies and deceit based propoganda would have one believe otherwise. India is one place where Brother Alan, an Australian missionary could go around for decades amputating natives, operating them and serially raping little children. India’s media wont say a word against church. (As an aside, one cant help observing, why noone in media that went to town on Graham Staines, censored news on Brother Alan’s serial rape or connect the dots that existed between Brother Alan and Graham Staines a rogue who is now propogated as a saint)

After the Graham Stains event, Pratap Bhanu Mehta kind of sickular charlatans, who are paid through dubious sources and nurtured through dubious patronage, to hate, propagated the nonsense that BJP is unleashing violence on oh-so-innocent xians.  Of course in the warped world of Pratap Bhanu Mehta kind of charlatans and in India’s prevailing consensus, there is Zero value for native Indian lives:  So attack on Laxmanananda, Godhra attack on Hindu pilgrims are at best unfortunate events that have to be underplayed, and  well.. censored. For these deceits, onus is always on native Indians and it is capitulation to islamic/xian rogues.

Unnerved by xian propoganda deceit, to his utter disgrace, AB Vajpayee and to an extent LK Advani (mediated by monodimensional economic interests?) panicked, propitiated the rogues, another reason why BJP is in dumps today.

Native Indians have a history of short sightedness and lack of forward thinking. Vajpayee repeated the mistake which Hindu financiers in Gujarat had done by financing islamic rogues like aurangzeb – take decisions based on monodimensional economic considerations and patronize groups hostile to native interests. Its seen that at least the Hindujas and Ambanis among other businessmen come across as repeating the mistakes done by financing Aurangzeb type disruptive antagonistic elements. And not doing enough to sustain native elements. Ex-NDTV director, NR Narayana murthy types too appear to be following crony business model – acquire real estate & tax benefits through government, make dubious investments and simultaneously nurture & endorse sickular polity, the lemon from christian-west.

Poor understanding of the nature of money in India’s corrupt environment and how to deploy it for native interests are among BJP’s serious mistakes. Mitrokhin Archives reveal how well money power was employed by Russians to control Indian politicians – communist and congress party politicians and media. Now with globalization of capital, in India, the scope of subversion has gone up, a reason why one notices accelerated offensive by the isai-islami-red sicko groups at native ethos.

In 2008, xians repeated tactics similar to what was deployed at Orissa in Karnataka. Citing isolated incidents, the church flexed its muscles closing all education institutions under its control in protest, abusing the trust that native Indians has placed on it, allowing it to operate among them, and allowing it to build assets at their cost, by funding it through tax payers funds  so that church as it ostensibly claims can serve, not abuse trust.

Yediyurappa and particularly his Home Minister V S Acharya were made of different mettle. Unlike Vajpayee-an kowtowing Acharya slapped a notice on xian institutions asking xian schools/colleges why should they not be penalised and why their permits should not be withdrawn.

In the ensuing Lok Sabha elections, Native Indians rewarded BJP Party handsomely both in Bangalore and Mangalore for among other things standing upto xian bullying. This despite the humongous effort and propaganda by rogue media and islami-isai establishment to divide native Indians. The hatred that xians and muslims have towards native Indian organizing in places like Karnataka has to be experienced to be believed.

(Assertions by many that BJP has superior leadership capabilities in the states compared to what is available in Delhi comes across as valid)

Lessons for BJP are chrystal clear – where they explicitly stand up for native Indians as in Gujarat and Karnataka, electorate handsomely rewards them. This is a necessary but not sufficient condition for electoral success. Where influenced by mono dimensional specious considerations, poor analysis by arm chair intellectuals, when BJP takes an alternate tack, tries placating congenitally hostile elements, it ends up losing as was the outcome in Lok Sabha 2009.

One lesson for native Indians is accurate understanding of their weaknesses, visavis islami-isai, in the money dimension, India’s corrupt environment and work out realistic solutions to address this gap without getting confused.