NDTV and Prannoy Roy – Once Upon a Time

February 14, 2011

[Not many people today know about corrupt legacy and deceit history of NDTV Head Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy. How Prannoy Roy, his wife Radhika Roy of NDTV, palmed off Doordarshan in a way not dissimilar to how DB Realty palmed off Telecom Ministry and the tax payer. Tweeple and guest blogger Shri @s_chaitanya provides valuable insights that will help one understand deceit nature of major sections of Indian media today. Prannoy Roy’s ascendency in broadcast media to a good extent explains why large sections of broadcast media show poor journalist standards. Prannoy Roy case is another example of determined rogues with connections conning Indians and escaping justice. Concluding portion of this post will surprise AB Vajpayee fans]

Red Couples – Selling Bharat Out?

During 1997 and 1998, the names of NDTV and its founder Prannoy Roy appear in newspapers and magazines in relation to a major corruption case in Doordarshan. Read the rest of this entry »

Barkha Gate

November 20, 2010

Much of India’s oligolpolistic big media (Bennet and Coleman, NDTV, IBN, Hindustan Times, Indian Express have till now refused to substantially/totally cover barkhagate, a scandal that showed how journos act as fixers), DNA had a great piece. Among others  New Indian Express,  Huffington PostWall Street Journal, Governance Now have covered the news with pertinent takes.  Times of India commented but did not refer to Niira Radia’s communication with Times Group’s senior Editor, Navika, Kumar Jain. Sunday Guardian referred to Barkha Dutt’s links to CONgress party. There was also this Hitler parody.

Perceptive Blogger Barbarindian captured his take through two blogposts (1 and 2). Read the rest of this entry »

Arunachal Pradesh – Chinese Checkers

October 15, 2009

What is cooking in Arunachal Pradesh? Recent census in China daily shows 96% chinese protest Indian PM visiting Arunachal Pradesh.

Typical of communist totalitarian creed, Chinese communists were/are as deceitful as Indian ones, if not more. The People’s Daily, a newspaper run by the Communist Party’s propaganda wing, articulating the party’s positions on foreign affairs,  alluded to India’s relationship with the United States, and said India followed a policy of “befriending the far and attacking the near.” This when China’s policy for the past 37 years has been to ally with the US and undermining its neighbours.

And it is china which has sought to undermine India by encirculating it, nuclear arming Pakistan. It deployed its strategic asset, Communist Party of India -Marxist (CPI-M), a party with traiterous legacy to enable (a) Maoist takeover of Nepal (b)  undermining defence buildups (c) India being leveraged for neo-colonial relationship (take in raw materials from India, export manufactured goods).

China’s occupation of Tibet was both illegal and imperialist. Tibetan natives are not chinese in any sense of the term. Tibetans are racially different from Chinese. Their language, culture, land, beliefs all are different. Tibetan script is similar to native Indian script and is very different from mandarin. Chinese imperialism and hypocrisy can be gauged from the fact that while China has provided autonomy to chinese majority HongKong, it refuses to do so to occupied Tibet.

Once china incorporated Tibet by force and illegally settled in han people at Tibet, and sought to squash Tibetan culture, leader of Tibetans took refuge in India.

Arunachal Pradesh is culturally Tibetan. China’s game is to wear Tibetan cause out by waiting for Dalai Lama to attain Samadhi so that it can appoint puppet Dalai Lama. China is also targeting to invade/occupy Arunachal pradesh so that it can complete subjugation of native Tibetans.

Dalai Lama’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh is what is riling down China. Dalai Lama’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh asserts existence of Free Tibet where Dalai Lama’s clout and prestige still count. That coupled with the anointment of next Dalai Lama from Indian part of Free Tibet, will ensure Tibetan live to fight for their freedom another day.

We know that India’s third rate abomination and infamy Jawaharlal Nehru sold out Tibetan interests by enabling China’s illegal occupation of Tibet, World’s largest imperialist land grab in 20th century. India should not sell out the interests of Tibetans and must insist both publically and in private that China is dutybound to provide in the minimum genuine autonomy for Tibetans and maintain Tibet’s identity. It should ensure that Tibetan independent cause remains alive and that the cause transcends present Dalai Lama. Both morally and from the realpolik position, this is sensible for India.

Now, let us see what many native Indians think about China.