Fiberal Ashutosh Varshney?

February 17, 2013

Ashutosh Varshney Sepoy

Ashutosh Varshney is charlatan and a good example of how chicanery and sepoyism operate. Read on to understand further.

Self-styling himself as an “intellectual” he peddles many canards perhaps deliberately. On, America, Ashutosh Varshney writes

The US allows hyphens: Irish-American, Italian-American, Jewish-American, Chinese-American, Indian-American are all accepted categories.

Varshney is silent on xn American identity and the Hindu American identity. The elaborate efforts to undermine Hindu identity in the US has been captured in the book Invading the Sacred.

How American polity defends its xn Identity, undermines Hindu identity and how India undermines its Hindu identity and promotes xn identity can seen in this fact based post here. Read the rest of this entry »

NDTV and Prannoy Roy – Once Upon a Time

February 14, 2011

[Not many people today know about corrupt legacy and deceit history of NDTV Head Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy. How Prannoy Roy, his wife Radhika Roy of NDTV, palmed off Doordarshan in a way not dissimilar to how DB Realty palmed off Telecom Ministry and the tax payer. Tweeple and guest blogger Shri @s_chaitanya provides valuable insights that will help one understand deceit nature of major sections of Indian media today. Prannoy Roy’s ascendency in broadcast media to a good extent explains why large sections of broadcast media show poor journalist standards. Prannoy Roy case is another example of determined rogues with connections conning Indians and escaping justice. Concluding portion of this post will surprise AB Vajpayee fans]

Red Couples – Selling Bharat Out?

During 1997 and 1998, the names of NDTV and its founder Prannoy Roy appear in newspapers and magazines in relation to a major corruption case in Doordarshan. Read the rest of this entry »

Corporate Corruption – Dr Swamy

February 6, 2011

Corporate corruption by janataswamyoncorruption

(In Dalal Media (NDTV Deceit 24/7, IBN Lies Live) you dont get to see the real deal. The above audio that covers corruption in general and corporate corruption in particular has important ramifications for all Indians. Corrupt Media mafia would not cover it.

Janata Party President and Harvard University Professor on Economics, Shri Subramanian Swamy addresses an Indian audience on widespread corruption. His lecture was also followed by interactive Question and Answer Session. The quality of question and answers are far superior to the pantomime charades, using carefully selected audience, carried out by the sicko agenda peddlers – NDTV, Barkha Dutt etc in megalomaniacal ‘we the people’, IBN, sagarika ghose ‘face the nation etc’. Sicko Media of course fools around and provides hyper cum  sanitized coverage on primed audience adulating CON party’s Rahul Gand and censors what Indians really think of him.

Dr. Swamy has been organizing such meets across India. Unfortunately Indian Media which itself is known for its low ethical standards hardly provides commensurate coverage. Dr. Swamy makes Important points. Those that care for India should listen.

Transcript capturing key points in the audio file follow. Thankful to tweeple @harikatha for helping with this. Listening to the audio is a good idea as it better represents the emotions) Read the rest of this entry »

Kashmiri Hindus enter 22nd Year of Exile

January 19, 2011

300 years ago, when islamists carried out their adharmic islamic project to convert native Bharatiya in Kashmir, natives had the wherewithal to resist. They could then very clearly see that Aurganzeb was foisting Adharma and they had to take a stand for Dharma.

Today because of the propagation of adharmic concept of sickularism which essentially is a cover for totalitarian (isai-islami-laal) dogmas based fascism, natives have not been able to bear the brunt of this evil.

Original natives of Kashmir were forced out by islamic Gun and the Indian state at best has provided only lip service. BJP offers sympathetic ears. CON party is reluctant to even offer that.

Bitta Karate who killed scores of Kashmiri Hindus Garlanded by Islamists

What can Kashmiri Hindus do. They have faced the brunt of islamic hate.

  1. Dont buy lip sympathy to your ethnic cleansing. Ask the ‘so what’ question to those that proffer lip sympathy? Ask what have you done to  de-legitimatise sickularism, islamic dogma responsible for your plight? Ask what have you done to amend articles 25 to 30 in Indian Constitution that enable sickular hate and create an environment for subjugation of Bharatiya?
  2. There will be those that will tell you, dont peddle victimhood and move on, a sermon sickulars would never make to isai or islami. Tell them that reclaiming your dignity and space is not victim-hood. Dont get conned by multiple layers of deception woven around sickular narrative. Call it out for what sickularism is – clear and present evil.
  3. Dont expect some great hero will come out and fix your problems without effort from your side. This is a mistake many Indians do and has to be avoided. And face it Bharatiya are friendless. Most of the so called secular/humanitarian organizations have an agenda and unlikely to go beyond offering lip sympathy. Ditto for sickular controlled media. Challenge for Bharatiya remains organizing themselves for their own welfare and Dharma’s wellbeing.

If Indians had learnt the right lessons from partition, Kashmir would not have happened. Sickularism ensured that in less than 2 generations time (1947-1989), ethnic cleaning happened in Kashmir. Ethnic cleaning of natives would happen again and again unless natives do not call out the sickular bluff; recognize & undermine desert dogmas for what they are – intolerant hate towards non-believers. It is incumbent on anyone who is Bharatiya and cares for Dharma to take a stance against sickularism.


Swami’s Tryst with Jesus

December 24, 2010

R K Narayan is the first serious Indian novelist that made a global  impact. His book Swami and Friends reflected native Indian society in 1930s when India was under the British Rule though many areas like Mysore were ruled by native Kings. The hero of the novel is ten year old Swami. Events are described from Swami’s eyes in the town of Malgudi along Saryu river. Book takes the reader to Swami’s Albert Mission School and introduces the fanatic scripture master Mr Ebenezer, who says things like:

“Oh, wretched idiots! …why do you worship dirty, lifeless, wooden idols and stone images? Can they talk? No. Can they see? No….Can they take you to heaven? No. Why? Because they have no life. What did your gods do when Muhammad of Ghazni smashed them to pieces, trod upon them, and constructed out of them steps for his lavatory?” 

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Girish Shahane: Misguiding about Lonely Planet India Book

October 26, 2010

One Girish Shahane (GS) asserts that the highly recommended and commonly used travel guide, Lonely Planet (LP) is islamophobic. Mr. Shahane has tried to buttress this assertion by arguments all of which turn out to be facile. GS comes up with numerous farcical arguments, which are captured below:

For starter, GS argues, LP is islamophobic because he says LP mentions Ahmad Shah Durani as a Mughal, Ala-ud-din Khilji as Pakthun.

Durrani was, of course, not a Mughal at all. But hey, these guys are all Muslims, right? Mughal, Turk, Afghan, big difference. That attitude is probably why Allaudin Khilji is wrongly labelled a Pathan.

Historian R C Majumdar refers to contemporary historian Zia-u-din Barni referring to Khiljis as non-Turks (Afghan Pathans).  There  is a contrary opinion by Major Raverty that cites Khiljis as Turks.  H A Rose and John Alfred Gray among others assert Khiljis are Ghilzai Pathans.

That said, it is indeed more than a tad rich to project minor denominational errors, even if present, as examples of deliberate islamophobia.

Girish Shahane takes objection to Padmini’s Jauhar citation in LP Travel Guide.

The great poet and mystic Amir Khusro, who chronicled Khilji’s campaign, made no mention of any Padmini. The story was dreamt up much later

If Girish Shahane intended to disprove historic persona of Padmini, he has to do better. A convincing case can not be made by arguing that Xyz did not refer to it.  The legend of Padmini in many ways is allegorical and is a manifestation of courage by virtuous Rajput Queens and valiant Rajput people. Jauhar, an outcome of muslim invasion was an ugly reality that Rajput women of those days faced. Allaudin Khilji was not only a perpetrator of serious regicide but also someone who coveted others’ wives an inexcusable crime in native Indian tradition.

Would Girish Shahane take objection to arabian fables circulated in books on Jerusalem like mohummad taking a winged horse for flight to Jerusalem or jesus coming out of dead. One would suspect he would not. Read the rest of this entry »

Sarsanghchalak Interview

November 5, 2009
Transcript Excerpts of Interview of RSS chief Mohan Rao Bhagwat to India Today (Source: Shri Rajagopalan, Delhi based Senior Journalist)

At a time when the bjp is going through its worst existential crisis, the man with the walrus moustache and a mischievous glint in his eyes has become the most sought-after oracle in town. Mohanrao Bhagwat, the 59-year-old boss of the rss, plays the role to perfection, and every word of his continues to be worthy of Page 1 nowadays. The media savvy Bhagwat’s ascension as the head of the House of Saffron has marked a generational as well as cultural shift in the organisation. He is the moderniser, the 21st century face of the rss. As the bjp seems to have abandoned its core ideology for the sake of coalition politics, Bhagwat has brought Hindutva back to the national agenda. As the bjp suffers from the absence of a leader who can take the party out of the wreckage of defeat, the sixth sarsanghchalak has become the supreme guide and the wise counsellor. As the party retreats from the national mindspace, he styles himself as the last apostle of the nationalist cause. As its ambitious but discredited leaders struggle for the spoils of a lost war, he tells them: behave or be damned. Still, the Brahmin bachelor from Chandrapur in Maharashtra finds time to read the new Dan Brown. Like the symbologist hero in The Lost Symbol, Bhagwat too has to think smart and act fast to save the Parivar he heads. In a candid conversation with Editor prabhu chawla for the Seedhi Baat show on Aaj Tak channel at the rss office in Jhandewalan in Delhi, Bhagwat talks about subjects ranging from the future leadership of the bjp to Vande Mataram, from Chidambaram to Modi, from Pakistan to China—and more. Excerpts.

Q. What do you think about the Deoband reaction against Vande Mataram?
A. Vande Mataram is for all Indians. It was part of our freedom movement and history. There was a time when both Hindus and Muslims sang it.
Q. The Muslims say it is against their religion.
A. I don’t think any religion is against desh bhakti. To say Bharat Mata ki Jai and Vande Mataram is not like a religious puja or idol worship.
Q. What is the Sangh’s view?
A. (Thumps the table) Vande Mataram kehna hoga (Everyone in India will have to say Vande Mataram).
Q. Do you think the minorities felt threatened after the Masjid fell?
A. I would say that the wishes of the Hindu samaj were ignored by the government. The anger against the system was taken out on the structure.
Q. But your strong take on the Babri Masjid, the Uniform Civil Code and Article 370 makes minorities insecure.
A. Just tell me why is there no rational dialogue regarding such matters. For 90 years there has been no court judgement (on the Ram Mandir). And when nothing happens, the average man loses his balance.
Q. V.P. Singh had a formula to build both mandir and masjid at Ayodhya. As a responsible organisation why don’t you show some magnanimity?
A. This will not create unity. If a Ram Mandir is built peacefully, it will end Hindu-Muslim fighting. A mosque can’t be constructed at the same site. Let them construct another mosque at some other place and the Hindus will extend all possible help.
Q. The Congress apologised for the anti-Sikh riots and Advani said the demolition was a national shame.
A. The Sangh did not say “demolish the structure” but the court’s delay on the verdict angered the people.
Q. Do you agree with Advani that it was a national shame?
A. I don’t agree with Advani on this issue. Why didn’t they give legal permission for kar seva when so many people had collected for it?
Q. Why is the Sangh unwilling to do something which makes minorities feel safe? Whatever happened in Gujarat also added to the gap between the Sangh and the minorities.
A. Violence is wrong wherever it happens. Don’t just look at one side. What happened in Godhra should not have happened. No one talks about the killings at Godhra.
Q. Should Narendra Modi apologise for the Gujarat carnage?
A. He is the head of a state, he has full knowledge of what happened and is capable of giving his reaction. If he thinks that something that needs an apology has taken place, then he will apologise. I am sure. I have also been told the speed with which the riots in Gujarat were controlled is commendable. Why should he apologise if he has done no wrong? That is not the way.
Q. Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh were not responsible for the 1984 riots but have apologised. It increases their stature. If Modi or the rss do the same, they will stand to gain.
A. At that time there was a comment, ‘When a big tree falls, some things are bound to happen.’ No such statement was made in Gujarat.
Q. Does it mean the rss will never compromise on its core issues?
A. India’s unity and integrity is non-negotiable. So is the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya and a Uniform Civil Code.
Q. If I understand correctly, you still believe in Akhand Bharat and not in the two-nation theory.
A. It is all part of India. Pakistan is transitory and will become part of India sooner or later.
Q. What about Afghanistan?
A. Pakistan and Afghanistan are a part of us and will return one day.
Q. You claim that the rss has no direct control over the bjp. But it sent 35 pracharaks to the bjp and they report to you.
A. It is not compulsory that they report to us. We only want them to stick to their principles. We don’t interfere in their work.
Q. There have been reports of rss  pressure on the bjp, that Vasundhara Raje was removed because of pressure from the rss.
A. The rss had nothing to do with it. This is an internal matter of the bjp.
Q. Four months ago you talked about a change in the bjp leadership. The bjp lost three state elections and no change seems forthcoming.
A. Change will happen but at its own time. I only said what I have been told (by the bjp), they have a plan in mind and it is rolling on.
Q. There is a strong feeling that the rss is intervening and imposing itself on the bjp.
A. The rss never intervenes, only gives advice when asked.
Q. But you have said that the new leadership will be someone other than these four (Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley, Venkaiah Naidu and Ananth Kumar).
A. Yes the new leadership will be someone other than these four. This is what I have been told. That is what has been agreed on and I believe the process has begun.
Q. You will get someone from outside Delhi between 50 and 55 years of age?
A. They will get someone from outside Delhi.
Q. In the last five-six years, several people who are media creations with no affiliation to the Sangh have come into prominence in the bjp. Has this lead to a dilution in ideology?
A. The Sangh is not against anyone, we don’t look at anyone whether he is a swayamsevak or not.
Q. Are you worried about an image of corruption amongst the swayamsevaks who have joined the bjp?
A. Politics is a slippery ground but still we don’t want to see one of our swayamsevaks slipping. We talk to them but it is up to the bjp to take action against them.
Q. The bjp is a visible face of the Sangh Parivar. Are you worried when you send workers to the party? They also get affected by the personality cult and the individual becomes more important than the organisation.
A. Yes we are worried and we do talk to them about it.
Q. Would you prefer that the party is led by someone who believes in the rss ideology?
A. Who will lead the party is something they will decide. What we want is someone who articulates our ideology, believes in teamwork, encourages the younger generation and the difference in ‘a party with a difference’ should be visible to all.
Q. There are some outfits that are not part of the Sangh, yet there is a perception that they belong—like the Sri Ram Sene of Karnataka… Pragya Thakur. Why don’t you disassociate the rss from them?
A. I have already said that I have nothing to do with the Sri Ram Sene. There is no such thing as Hindu terrorism. No Hindu will support terrorism.
Q. Yet you supported Pragya Thakur.
A. No, all we said is that don’t do a media trial. Let the courts decide.
Q. I saw a recent statement by the Sangh saying that P. Chidambaram is doing good work.
A. He is saying a lot of good things, but if he delivers on these, we will definitely praise him.
Q. Are we soft on China?
A. I have my doubts if the Government is alert on China. It has a well-defined strategy of encircling India. China has surrounded us by wooing our neighbouring countries from Maldives to Pakistan. We have to liberate our neighbours from the clutches of China.
Q. Have the Chinese defeated us at diplomacy?
A. Overtaken, not defeated. We can still do something.
Q. Regarding Pakistan, the bjp seems confused. What is the rss view?
A. Pakistan exists on the premise of being anti-India. Pakistan needs to be given a decisive reply for all its mischievous actions, we need another  military victory over Pakistan. That is perhaps the only way by which we can prevent a 26/11 and terror attacks.
Q. Have we lost an opportunity to score a military victory?
A. When Parliament was attacked and then after 26/11. Our government failed us then. We lacked the will.
Q. Do you agree that a strong and stable Pakistan is good for India?
A. If Pakistan is mentally healthy and gives up anti-India sentiments only then it’s good for India.