Barkha Gate

November 20, 2010

Much of India’s oligolpolistic big media (Bennet and Coleman, NDTV, IBN, Hindustan Times, Indian Express have till now refused to substantially/totally cover barkhagate, a scandal that showed how journos act as fixers), DNA had a great piece. Among others  New Indian Express,  Huffington PostWall Street Journal, Governance Now have covered the news with pertinent takes.  Times of India commented but did not refer to Niira Radia’s communication with Times Group’s senior Editor, Navika, Kumar Jain. Sunday Guardian referred to Barkha Dutt’s links to CONgress party. There was also this Hitler parody.

Perceptive Blogger Barbarindian captured his take through two blogposts (1 and 2). Read the rest of this entry »

Vande Mataram and Indian Christians / Muslims

November 4, 2009

Vande Mataram from Bankim Chandra Chattopadyaya’s “Anand Mutt” is India’s national song.

The Song sung by Lata Mangeshkar (Music Director Hemant Kumar Mukhopadyaya)  is captured here:

“Vande Mataram” was the Mantra, reciting which numerous Indians from Punjab to Tamilnadu braved death and fought the Christian British occupation. Composed in simple Sanskrit, this is a national song of India and any day most nationalist Indians rate this song above “Jana Gana Mana”, a song penned by Tagore welcoming British King George as “Bharata Bhagya Vidhaata-Arbitrator of India’s Destiny”.

The Islamist veto and Jawarhalal Nehru’s appeasement of islamism & Christian upbringing prevented “Vande Matharam” from becoming the National Anthem of India. And in a remarkable parody of History, Indians have a song, sung first welcoming a foreign dignitary, as the national anthem. Nehru as the first prime minister of India did enormous damage to the soul of India. Nehru’s footprints can be seen in most of India’s social, economic, defence and foreign affairs problems.

One cannot help noticing the superiority of this composition of “Vande Mataram”, the complete one, to the subsequent subversion efforts (subverted islamised one) by the likes of Slumdog A R Rehman, which in comparison to the original version appear trite. Later compositions on account of composer’s poor knowledge of Sanskrit and Indian culture could never reproduce the spirit and magic of Bankimda’s immortal work.

Why do  Christian Fascists and Islamists oppose the song?

In 2009 Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind resolution endorsed Deoband, Dar-ul-Uloom’s fatwa against  singing Vande Mataram, India’s national song.

Central reason of Christian, Muslim hostility to the song is christian fascist/ islamist opposition to blend with natives and  christian fascist /islamist hatred of native Indian traditions.

One may notice that surprisingly Islamists don’t seem to have any qualms at all on Jana Gana Mana, where English Emperor George V is addressed as Bharata Bhagya Vidata (Arbitrator of India’s destiny). So the issue is as much political as it is an assertion of islamist exclusivity.

One need not blame Maulana Madani, Jamaat leader, who is straight with his position unlike the sickular mafia.  Madani referred explicitly to Indian muslims following mohummad’s Hudaibiya precedent. (islam’s founder mohommad led a strategic retreat in Mecca without integrating with native Quresh, who were stronger, and waited for an appropriate moment to strike for islam and extinguish native Arab beliefs). Sickularism in India is a tool for christian fascists and islamists to persist with Hudabiya type strategy.

Those who eulogise the likes of Syed Ahmed Khan, Maulana Mohummad Ali as moderates, and Jamaat as a moderate organizations are guilty of deliberate deceit.

Syed ahmed khan indeed peddled deceit – asserting that he belonged to two equal circles – one Indian, one islamic, and then collaborated with the British for waxing of one (islam) and waning the second (native indian); just as muslims today collaborate with sickular/communist deceits.

Jamaat, Maulana Maududi and others similarly opposed partition not because of nationalist credentials, as Christian led Congress party deceits would have one believe, but because of the concern that division of India, would slow down the wider islamist millennium old project to take over India, and extinguish native beliefs/traditions.

What should be done?

Unfortunately there are no easy solutions.

Coercive dogmatic islamist and christian undermining of national unity can be managed only by coercive efforts by the state. For example Sarcozy was left with no option but to ban burqa in the interest of French society, its native tradition and well being. America has its Patriot Act and variety of tools to sustain American nationalism.

In India, articles 25-30 which have been used to empower totalitarian christian/islamic fascism have to go. In India, we have a situation wherein the rights, privileges and prerogatives belong to the Christian/Islamic fascists and the native Indians are left holding the duties, responsibilities and obligations. Natives are discouraged from establishing institutions to propagate their values/heritage. And native places of worship alone get regulated by the hostile government, their resources abused/looted. Such a perverse situation does not exist anywhere else in the world.


Failure to address islamist vote bank politics, encouraged and nurtured by Christian headed Congress, communist boot leggers will have enormous costs for India, its unity and in specific for followers of native Indian faiths – Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists.

Tailpiece 1:

Some Tagorists are in a state of denial that Tagore did not  eulogise George V thru Jana Gana Mana. Evidence is too strong on the context of Jana Gana Mana creation as eulogy to King George; and its timing – it was first publically sung welcoming british emperor for coronation durbar; media carried reports to that effect (see next para); Tagore as long as he lived, never publically denied these reports show the correct position. Tagore was not a disloyal subject in 1911 and was knighted by King George. ZIM believes that Tagore’s greatness as a poet is in no way diminished by the evidence that Jana Gana Mana was created by him as a eulogy to King George. Those were perceived by many as the halcyon days of the Raj. In the subsequent section of the song, which is not considered ‘national anthem’ Tagore refers to coronation (people all hues from east and west come to be in the side of your sinhasan (king’s throne). Another give away is that in native Indian tradition, Nation is looked at as a mother that nurtures. Tagore himself in Amar Sonar Bangla, refers to Bengal as Nurturing Mother. And Tagore as an intellectual of high order was himself deeply derisive on sickular thinking. Today his Gitanjali wont pass the sickular test, let alone win Nobel Prize. In Gitanjali, Tagore envisaged an India .Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit” Tagore wanted an India where native Dharma (clear stream of reason) trumps desert dogmas – islam, christianity (dreary desert sand of dead habits); very reverse of sickularism. In Sandip’s story, one can see how derisive, Tagore was on sicko thinking.

(Jana Gana Mana’ was composed and Sung on December 1911, precisely at the time of the Coronation Durbar of George V, and Newspapers of those days called it a paean in praise of “the overlord of India’s destiny”.

Statesman, Dec.28, 1911-  “The Bengali poet Babu Rabindranath Tagore, British Indian subject, sang a song composed by him specially to welcome the Emperor.”

Englishman, Dec. 28, 1911 – “The proceedings began with the singing by Babu Rabindranath Tagore of a song specially composed by him in honour of the Emperor.”

Indian, Dec. 29, 1911 – “When the proceedings of the Indian National Congress began on Wednesday 27th December 1911, a Bengali song in welcome of the Emperor was sung. A resolution welcoming the Emperor and Empress was also adopted unanimously.” )

Those interested in traditional vande mataram versions can listen to (1) Hemant Kumar singing Vande Mataram (2) Child singing Vande Mataram in Desh Raag

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Ram Punyani’s Clever By Half Cunningness in Muslim India

October 21, 2009

Rogue professor Ram Punyani is back with his Goebellsian lies and shibboleths fittingly this time in Muslim India

Punyani cites what he calls Hindu mal-treatment of women. Censors the fact that in native Hinduism alone feminine as divine is accepted and celebrated, so unlike islam. 

It is indeed laughable that Punyani’s vehicle for feminst stand is an islamic medium. In every sense Hindu women in India are better empowered than islamic women. 

Punyani pretends as if in islam, Talibs alone are anti-women. Typical of leftist deceit, he censors islam’s position on women: quran/mohummad institutionalized inferior status of women. Quran, Verse 4:34 howsoever muslims spin it, is quite categorical on this count. Watch the video below for elaboration on quran’s position on status of woman – property of man, fit to be beaten up.

Native Indian beliefs are essentially non dogmatic. Manu Smriti hardly has the dogmatic perception Hindu’s mind unlike the position koran has in a common muslim’s. Punyani of course tries to do better than Don Quixote. He regurgates the nonsense on slavery of Shudras. He surely cant be ignorant of the historical fact that Shudras like Shivaji, Narendrabhai Modi, Sanghi have been in the fore front defending native Indians and their traditions. And the so called upper caste Hindus never have any problem being led by Shudra leaders like NaMo, Shivraj Chauhan. 

Contrast this with institutionalised tribal heirarchies and approval of tribal incompatibility as valid reason for divorce in islamic law – shariah. Islamic equality indeed! Far from equality, Inequality is institutionalised in islam. 

With their chosen red fundamentalist friends like Ram Punyani, muslim Indians dont need enemies. After working to undermine native Indians, their beliefs, their unity, muslim victimhood cries will be hollow, if their actions similar to the ones in Godhra, result in hostile native responses.  Muslim hypocritical cries will be rejected with the disdain with which native Indian Gujaratis have been rejecting them.

Some Gyaan for Ram Puniyani and fundoos of muslim India: 

  • Rashtriya Sevika Samiti is an autonomous organisation with a separate charter which includes inculcating leadership in women. Sangh does not micromanage it. 
  • Unlike muslims and communists, Sanghis worship Indian Nation as a Feminine Manifestation, Bharat Mata. 
  • Sangh Recently awarded Guruji Award to Ms Kom, India’s boxing champion. 

Smt Kom

Ms. Kom India’s Boxing Champion being Feted by Sangh’s Guruji Award

Election 2009 Analysis

May 17, 2009

It is quite clear BJP  lost the plot and therefore the elections. BJP’s naive presumption that anti-incumbency will deliver the elections on a platter, without serious efforts on ground, stands brutally exposed.

Posteriori analyis should not beg the question on BJP loss. It is a serious defeat and should be treated as such.

In an expanding voter market, BJP voter strength has not grown both in quantitative and percentage terms. Congress I (islamiisai) has 50% lead on votes and 70%  leads on seats.

Despite its control of Madhya Bharat, BJP runs a risk of being consigned to the periphery of Indian politics.  Rot is deeper than what most people even insightful ones perceive. The challenge though is not unsurmountable.

UP elections 2007, Rajasthan/Delhi elections 2008 were major inflection points and the BJP did not learn the right lessons. Nationalism while a powerful instinct alone is insufficient to nullify enemy’s massive goebellsian propoganda machinary, caste identity divide/rule strategems, massive financial strength thanks to generations of stolen loot slashed across the world, dole/handout politics of Congress I (isaiislami) especially in states outside BJP control.

It must be noted that Congress I (islamiisai) has won despite massive corruption carried out by UPA government, bribing members of parliament, undermining of national institutions – President’s Office, CBI, Election Commission et. al. Manmohan Singh’s corruption free image does not fit facts.  It is a deceptive perception. We know the dirty role of corrupt media in camouflaging congress I’s omissions/commissions.

The fact remains that major chunk of congress i votes, is made up of people who barter their votes for between 100-1000 Rs and a packet of liquor. As long as significant chunks of Indian people value 500 rupee note, more than who is ruling them, democracy in India will remain skewed. BJP needs to play the game under these serious constraints.

Manmohan’s Government was the most pathetic in India’s history. While Shivraj Patil’s name in itself symbolises incompetence, one can pile on the mal-performers in cabinet. Particularly noteworthy was TR Balu who derailed BJP government’s Infrastructure initiative and whose single point focus was to break Rama Setu and make money in the process. Meira Kumar, Oscar Fernandes, Arjun Singh, list of mal-performers was long indeed. Winning elections hardly has any correlation to real performance. Perception though is important where Congress I thru its control of corrupt media has enormous lead. As a rule of thumb Totalitarians are better in propoganda and deceit as they are not constrained by Dharma (universal moral compass); and since nehru times, concerted efforts have been on to undermine Dharma in the minds of natives. All this while the xn fascists and islamists polarize and mobilize their flock.

Congress I (islamiisai) has foisted an ugly perversion of secularism on native Indians. Secularism in the West was conceived to keep in check totalitarian dogmatic church, a known institution of deceit. Since Islam too is dogmatic and totalitarian, Secularism in India would have made sense to keep these beliefs under check. On account of perversion by Congress I (islamiisai) and communists, secularism was used to undermine native Hinduism, a decentralised faith, a faith where experience is central, skepticism is integral, belief voluntary and text subservient. Articles 26 to 30 have been used to empower totalitarian xianity/islam. In India, we have a situation wherein all the rights, privileges and prerogatives belong to the minorities and the natives are left holding the duties, responsibilities and obligations. Natives as we know in India cant set up education institutions to propagate their values/heritage. And native places of worship alone get regulated by the hostile government, their resources abused. This while followers of totalitarian dogmas propogate their hateful beliefs unrestrained and actively  supported by government. In India’s perverse environment native icons/beliefs can be abused without any costs while eulogy on totalitarian beliefs get encouraged.

While Pappu Raul Vinci is a low IQ man, one of the smart things he does is surround himself with smarter men like Jayaram Ramesh, Jyothiraditya, Sachin Pilot others.  And it will be dangerous to underestimate the capabilities of the babu log. It will also be an error to assume that some of these dont have the earthiness to connect to Indian people. While their empathy quotient indeed is low, they have the mass communication tools to project connectivity even when earthiness is lacking in them or is sub optimal.

Congress has a history of divisive politics that would make English appear Saints. Congress I (islamiisai), it is quite clear, benefitted by fanning divisive caste hate (Gujjar-Meena) politics in Rajasthan routing BJP, language hate politics in Mumbai, Maharashtra using its lackey MNS Raj Thakeray. In congress ruled Maharashtra, North Indians were beaten up. Media never ever put congress on the dock. Worse, India’s corrupt media winked at these divisive hate politics. BJP probably erred in not taking these head on, firing on all cylinders. Once parliament was bribed, streets should have been hit. Mass resignation of BJP MPs contemplated. Advani, BJP 2009 did not have the energy of Advani, BJP 1989. Time does take its toll and reflects the rot that has set in BJP. The idiot (Sudheendra Kulkarni?) who decided to execute an expose on MP bribing through Congressi IBN (Lies) Live Editor, Hajdeep Slurdesai, has neither intellectual depth nor emotional connectivity to ground realities. Strength gets respected in politics. Not the conceited Kulkarnian begging to the media. No wonder BJP was kicked. Wimps get beaten up. Even worse, in the absence of effective media organization, certain elements were polishing their images to the detriment of party. Anyone with an iota of intelligence would know that rogues like Hajdeep Slurdesai with established anti-Hindu credentials would flatter to deceive. In terms of intellectual depth, media strategising, Congress’s Jayaram Ramesh et al. were superior compared to neandrals like Sudheendra Kulkarni.

We also do not know who advised Advani to receive life time award from communist NDTV, a channel with links to islamists, run by a xian, known for undermining BJP and Hindu organising at every stage. As leader of a national party running 10 states, team BJP had no business acting wimp.

Arun Jaitley/Rajnath Singh’s/Sangh’s lack of effectiveness in boosting BJP vote share in UP deserve scrutiny.

As in every election, both national mood and state factors decided the outcome. BJP won every urban seat in Bangalore. In Karnataka, BJP increased its seat share by one, remarkable considering its already high base.

Dont be fooled by simplistic congress I assertions of good governance as reason for its superior performance. While it is not axiomatic, Good governance need not deliver victory. If good governance ensured victory, we would not be seeing the sorry spectacle of corrupt Congress I (islamiisai) still ruling India; a party that has kept generations of Indians wallowed in poverty, malnourished,  illiterate and looted much more than what British did. (Trillion+ USD).

Likewise NREGA’s impact is overestimated. It is not difficult to take on congress propganda and communicate in BJP states that central funds are people’s funds and congis are not doing anybody a favor thru the scheme and that congress has taken lot of Indian money out of India thru corruption. Obituary on congressi legacy of corruption should not be written. . Far more significant perhaps was enhancement in commodity support prices, Loan Waivers. Impact of MaiBaap Patronage economics in terms of electoral dividends deserve a serious study by BJP/RSS/Friends.

An attempt has been made here to analyse the fundamental reasons of the current status. Let us explore where all BJP went wrong and then explore way to go forward.


While the reality is that significant sections of BJP cares for well being native Indians and their cultural values,  it has been depicted as a totalitarian organisation by mass media forces inimical to India and its native people.

Reality is Congress I (islami-isai)’s legacy of  ommissions and commissions – undermining of institutions, imposing dictatorship on India,  massacre of innocent Sikhs, more recently riots in Mumbai against North Indians, orchestrating Gujjar-Meena violence etc. and which exceed by far,  BJP’s faults.

It is just that corrupt Indian media, inimical to Indian national interests manifests double standards and fails to put congress I in the dock. (Look here for an example of how Congress I’s criminal legacy is camouflaged by pliant media).

While congress’s omissions are omitted, media doctored facts and repeated them a million times (on Rama Sene, on Varun) positioning BJP as rogue party and congress as the natural party of governance. A Mass Communication PhD student should do a thesis on this and hand the report over to BJP’s media cell, dynosaur Sudheendra Kulkarni and as a tail piece ask him to permanently get out of media strategising and return to his native village and at least there try and do some useful work. Advani indeed was far too tolerant and indulgent retaining such mediocrities in his team. His PM ambitions blinded him.

BJP probabaly overestimated the sagacity of an average Indian and believed most would be able to see through congressi media deception. That would have happened if BJP had bothered to set up its own mass media delivery system (Indian variant of Fox TV. I am using the word variant because most knowledgeable people believe Robert Murdoch is seriously suspect on ethics).  Following examples are illlustrative.

Islamofascists in Congress I (islamiisai) ruled Mumbai  beat up a pakistani girl for sporting a tatoo. Corrupt Indian Media censored the news. Imagine a channel speaking up for native values showcases this story, interviews the victim, and one mullah and then with a finality comments, “These sort of things are going on for a long time. Let us bring the Uniform Civil Code; Muslims have to be brought in to modernity”. Such messages need not win for BJP muslim votes. But moderate Hindu certainly would be more tuned for the BJP.

Similarly Pedophile Catholic Priest from Missionaries of Charity, Brother Alan was running amok in Orissa, AP amputating limbs and raping children. Corrupt anti Hindu Indian media as usual censored this important piece of news. Imagine the impact if a nationalist media says, Foreign Catholic Missionary in Orissa is a serial pedophile. Or a channel speaking up for native values showcases this story, interviews the victim, a pastor and then with a finality comments, “These abominable activities are going on in Xian organisations for a long time; Xian NGOs need to be banned”. Again such a situation would ensure BJP’s message is more receptive to the voter. BJP did nothing to set up a mass media network sympathetic to it.

Thanks to the totalitarian nature of islam and christianity, BJP in effect operates in an environ where 30% of Indian voters Xians and Muslims would never vote for them.  As we will see, this in itself is not a weakness if you are capable of mobilising significant sections of native Indians to the polling booth as was managed in places like Mangalore.

While official percentage of muslims is 13.4%, xians is 2.5%, the real figure from electoral perspective of muslims is 18-20% range, xians 7.5-10%thanks to the presence of crypto xians and their enhanced presence in the polling booth. Crypto xians are those who take advantage of reservation that state provides for native Indian believers by putting up a Hindu facade while taking up to following jesus, a deceit encouraged by church. And once a person converts to xianity s/he is unlikely to vote BJP. Remember that No Muslim or No christian is ever going to vote for BJP despite the innate Hindu tolerance of BJP and even if the BJP candidate is Mahatma Gandhi and even if Mohummad canvasses among muslims and Jesus among Xians for the BJP candidate. Xian, Islamic ideologies are too fanatical and totalitarian.

Congress I, will use now every dirty trick in the trade to try and breach Karnataka. It will go for the kill. BJP government in Cosmopolitan Karnataka is an eyesore for enemies of native Indians. Riots, abuses, scam allegations, caste wars, riots et. al. BJP government in MP too will be targetted. Yeddi, Shivraj need to prepared for all the scenarios. A house divided can not stand. In Rajasthan, BJP’s inability to execute and project unity was a factor in BJP’s defeat. Once selected Electorally well performing chief ministers/shadow chief ministers should not be undermined through internal sabotage. Jaswant Singh/Bairon Singh did undermine BJP’s Unity of Command in Rajasthan by their ambition/personal interests, something especially despicable considering Jaswant’s Military background. A damage done takes long time to fix.


BJP’s Command, Control, Communication Information Systems(C3I) remain primitive at best.

Totalitarian entities like the congress have natural advantage here. Family’s word is Gospel and noone dare undermine the center of authority. One reason congress/other parties better BJP on many occasions is on account of their organising superior strategising staff.

BJP though in this regard faces foot in the mouth syndrome. There is no rebust process to vet the message and you have the sorry spectacle of many ill equipped dinasaurs grappling with defending BJP’s position.  Prakash Javdekar just does not have it in him to face the English media.  A Hindu girl recruited from debating soceity of LSR will do a far better job. And another incompetent dinosaur with medieval marxist background Sudheendra Kulkarni coordinated BJP’s media strategy. No wonder BJP campaign was a disaster.

This when BJP, friends of BJP have enough remarkable men and women that can articulate and strategise far far better than the worthies named above. Experience or years of life in politics/party/rss is no subsitute for lack of domain expertise. Skills of BJP’s well wishers should be optimally leveraged. This is especially important since Sangh Parivar is weak in so many critical skills, less than wholesome global exposure, effective leverage of funds, modern tools et al.

BJP has to formulate and roleout within next 18 months a comprehensive communications gameplan. It must do an updated  SWOT particularly take stock of its weaknesses, implement a comprehensive reengineering solution. Top Minds in BJP need to work with an organisation like Mckinsey in rolling this out. There are enough people that will be happy to do his bit for India.

Communication Issues that need to be addressed are

  1. Who will talk to which medium
  2. How to manage the consistency of message
  3. Operationalise professional media house with committed sympathies to pro BJP position in English, Regional Languages. (India’s answer to Fox?). It is remarkable that when J Jayalalithaa has a dedicated channel (Jaya TV), HD Kumaraswamy has dedicated channel (Kasthuri), Muthuvelu karunanithi has two dedicated channels (KTV, Sun TV), BJP has at best a pathetic Organiser, Panchajanya mouthing its position.
  4. Collaborate with media houses that may harbor sympathies to pro nationalist position. ETV(?). BJP leaders would do well to woo propreitors (not editors) of local media on a nationalist platform.
  5. Media men should be used to project party.  It is dangerous to allow journalists to set the agenda- especially formulate strategy/agenda. Getting domain experts (such as strategy consultants or motivation experts to brainstorm and then make decisions) is far better than engaging journos for these activities. Journos have to be used, at best listened to. Many if not most of journos are to put it mildly mediocre and egotist. Further, Dont allow anyone to push suggestions on the strength of articulation. Facts,  ground realities should drive strategies/tactics.
  6. Leveraging FM talk show to undermine MSM (corrupt Main Stream Media). Why not generate Indian versions of Mike Savage, Rush Limbaugh. And create a Professional Media Watch Section that exposes and propogates, double standards, lies and deceit that is churned out day in and day out by corrupt media – communist channels like NDTV (Deceit) 24/7, CNN IBN (Lies) Live, both in English, regional languages. In India, barriers to attacking native Indians and their beliefs is low. Rightist response facing upto rogue media has been wimpish. Neandral Sudheendra Kulkarni preferred to write his third rate columns in IE, sucking upto this outlet, rather than doing work on the ground taking the rogue media head on. Serious organized efforts to influence sponsors to stop financing rogue media by citing serious stories like this where native Indians are insulted should be initiated in right ernest.
  7. There should be a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document for media management. Members who defend BJP position in the media should be articulate, presentable, and should help consistency of message by following the FAQ. On Specific subjects, ensure that BJP representative is a presentable domain expert who is capable of holding ground. There is no short cut to setting up institutional mechanisms to handle media hostility.
  8. How to segment target audience demographics and which message will appeal to who.
  9. It must be forcefully and repeatedly over a period of time get communicated through performance that BJP/Hindutva stand for harmony, development progress. (as we know congress I (islamiisai) since 1947 have sought to paint native Indian beliefs as backward and poverty oriented. As we have seen in Hindu Gujarat, Hindutva economics create progress and development. Communist/xian/islamic economics cause poverty, illiteracy, totalitarianism. Over a period of time, this will bring in dividend for the BJP.
  10. There have to be efforts in accurately positioning congress I (islami-isai), communists and their hostility towards native beliefs. This is articulated in subsections of Key Issues Point 18 below.


  1. BJP also needs to formulate a 3 year, 5 year, 10 year, 20 year plans. Key issues that need to be addressed include:
  2. Which state BJP will fight with ally, Which state BJP will fight alone. This is most important strategic decision point. BJP has been screwed by BSP in UP, BJD in Orissa. A considered decision should be taken w.r.t Bihar, TN, AP. (In the Head to Head fights with Congi, BJP has not been bested yet though in the over all strategic sense BJP has lost and has failed in the key state of UP). Misplaced coalition dharma and short cuts to power has resulted in BJP committing harakiri and its allies building strength at BJP cost. Alliance should be based on shared interests/objectives and allies should know the costs of separation and pain. And this talk is not possible unless BJP is strong.  JD(U)’s talk of enforcing Sachar Committee communal budget recommendations or Shiv Sena’s undermining larger Hindu cause impact BJP’s perception and these should be questioned and not be accepted as fait accompli by the alliance partner.
  3. BJP has not defined Hindutva in a big tent way; this despite Supreme Court’s judgement mainstreaming Hindutva as native way of life. One tack for BJP could be to define Hindutva as “Defending the interests of native Indians – their material, cultural, intellectual, physical well being in consonance with Dharma“.
  4. Muslims/xians, in the minimum, must be asked to refurbish/give up sections of their dogma, hostile to natives, and for their own good. In stead of being on placatory mode, communicating the reality that islam/xianity are manifestations of dark ages,  with the potential to take its adherents towards medieval barbarianism must be directly communicated.  It is important that xians/muslims must be addressed on native terms. Progressive sections of xians/muslims willing to openly give up their hateful totalitarian dogma can be considered for co-option.
  5. RSS should not intervene in day-to-day operating of BJP. If RSS lends resources to BJP, it should be a full time deployment and a defacto transfer for at least 10 years. Unity of command should not be compromised. A situation where an RSS Secy lended to BJP, reporting to its leader, and has a hot line to Bhagwat, is simply untenable and undermines BJP Leader on operational issues.
  6. While its national commitment is beyond reproach, RSS should realise clearly that all the wisdom in the world is not concentrated in the Sangh Parivar.  In fact in many areas its skillsets are rather poor. It has to do a skillset gap analysis and bridge those gaps.  When a more competent non RSS  person is available, RSS person should not selected for the identified roles. Influences from abroad, as long as they dont undermine native Indian culture (respect for truth, bias for non violence, liberal pursuit of happiness) should not be stopped.
  7. Moral Policing is an islamiisai, congressi game. It is not a natural Hindu position. Women’s empowerment is a natural Hindu position. It is only in Hinduism you have the Shakthi concept. A girl in body hugging attire, making a fashion statement is in some ways asserting the tradition of Kujraho and Kamasutra. Purdah  is not a native Indian attire. While political organisation of Hindus is essential, islamisation/churchistation of Hindu culture should neither be desired nor attempted. If any loonies do moral policing, RSS/VHP should immeditely strongly  take a position against that groups and expose them as congressi (MNS), islami(attacks on Taslima) or isai (banning da vinci code) games. Again Liberty position is the natural Hindu position. Congress I in its motives to undermine native Hindus, with the help of corrupt media will pay and encourage moral policing lunatic groups and project these as Hindu behavior. Such groups should be seen as an enemy of Hindus and treated as such.  Aided by corrupt media, Congress has a history of using loonies and groups like MNS to undermine the natioanalist/Hindu cause. BJP will be best served by exposing these jokers. An example of the congress looney who surfaced during the elections can be seen here.
  8. The real cultural fight is against totalitarian systems of islam/church.  Here the fight is more ideological. Sangh Parivar should effectively collaborate with non Sangh organisations who are doing yeomen service. The fight against church is essentially an intellectual exercise in the social domain. In stead of resorting to violence at crude evangelisation (abuse of native beliefs), Rightist forces will be better off by effectively propogating the contrast between liberal, skeptical, inclusive, truth centric native Indian beliefs with the totalitarian, dogmatic, imperial, medieval, exclusivist positions of church/mosque. Options such as making widely available excerpts of Jesme’s “Amen-Autobiography of Nun” in native languages in areas of evangelisation activities, is better than violence. If Krishn is abused for promiscuity, point out jesus’s parentage. If Hindu caste system critiqued, point out the racial hatred, genocide in Americas carried out by the church, islam’s open sanctioning of slavery. Educate that caste system was created to avoid authoritarian behavior and deals with separation of powers in society (power from land/specialised skills – shudras, power of business – vaisyas, administration – kshatriyas, policy making – brahmins). Concentrating all power in a a single group it was felt would create totalitarianism, something Hindu paradigm does not accept.
  9. Personalities are needed to articulate the view points. While commitment to ideology is important, public pulling down of personalities because they acquire strengths/success need to be eschewed.  BJP should identify and deploy men with requisite skills to handle jobs in hand. Chandan Mitra was a poor choice for engaging with Navin Patnaik. Right selections are important for leadership position in UP (inspiring charismatic young leader that can take out raul vinci). Right people to regularly engage on door to door campaign, right people to do public speaking etl. al.  As an example Navjyot Sidhu taking on Congress I (islami-isai)’s Abhishek Singhvi will be far more effective than say Prakash Javdekar or Chandan Mitra taking on him. No other party has a talent like Sidhu and that was wasted (If Badals had anything to do with Sidhu’s underdeployment that is poor politics as one is pulling down one’s own optimal performance). Even in a hostile media environment, Sidhu can take on and make a mincemeat of Congressi pappu crowd.
  10. In UP, States where BJP is weak, identify opinion makers and take them on a tour to Gujarat and show how BJP”s Hindu governmence is superior and leads to development. Make BJP both aspirational and provide a growth path for workers, which is result/performance oriented. Levers of Responsibility/Power especially in the top should not be given to those who dont have a track record of significant successes and never because of cronyism.  For the Key Battle grond state of UP, it is essential to have an inspirational and charismatic leader who can unite, energise and mobilise BJP’s core voter base – intermediate castes and so called forward castes. SOMEONE ACCEPTABLE TO ISLAMISTS WILL NOT DELIVER. BJP’s  muslim support base as now was negligible when Kalyan ruled the state as the top gun.
  11. Deploying right people on right jobs is important. While Sushma Swaraj is an effective speaker, her impact as Information & Broadcasting Minister is suspect. The window 1998-2004 when the  cable media took off,  she did nothing to set up a right wing media outlet and looked other way when forces inimical to native Indians set shop. BJP should ensure that indiscipline has serious costs.
  12. Canard wil be spread by the corrupt media that Modiji was the cause of failure. The fact is Modi addressed ~ 300 meetings. Even if we assume 5,000 participation per meeting and a multiplier factor of 4, the coverage would be 6 million less than 1%  in the 600 million electorate. Media penetration that created Congress Hawa is far far more (90%). If BJP had managed effective strategies to  counter corrupt MSM (main stream media) during the last 5 years, Modi’s meetings would have been tremendous force multiplier. (MSM of course spun out Modi interviews to remind people only of Godhra violence).  While NaMo would not like to hear this, to face congress I’s divisive politics, it should be explored if NaMo/Shivraj Chauhan should leverage their OBC status.
  13. Congress I (Islami-Isai) after perpetrating divisive politics, poverty for 60+ years, will use new faced and peddle the Goebellsian lie that it is pro poor, pro development, pro harmony. This is the fourth generation of nehru/gandhis who are thus fooling us. Nehru’s socialist lies, Indira Gandh’s garibi Hataao, Rajiv Gandhi’s Dalaal Hataao is being followed by Raul Vinci’s,  Mera Haath Gareeb Ke Saath lie, and I bring the change India needs, deceit. A facade of havan, taking tea in a poor person’s home is what it takes to fool native Indians. Compromised Corrupt Indian media will aid in propogation of these lies and deceit. These lies and Congress Deceit should not be allowed to go uncontested. Modi’s message on congress’s development legacy, votebank politics was spot on. The trouble was it was too little too late. Pervasive and continuous communication by BJP cadre on these issues is a must. At some point it will start generating favorable results for BJP. Modiji is among the few who can match congress I’s killer instinct, an aspect on which BJP has been weak. Modiji is one who can put Congress I (islamiisai) on backfoot and has a track record of consistently defeating congress I.
  14. Among the politically conscious classes in the internet, BJP would wallow congress I (islami-isai) by a factor of 10.  But the internet penetration in India (0.1%?) is nothing compared to the reach of media. (Congress has a vested interest in keeping native Indians poor and uneducated so that they are converted to to the totalitarian ideology of church and then become committed to congress votebank). Energies generated out of website volunteer initiative should not be put on cold storage. You got to start leveraging volunteer contribution now. We are in this for the long haul. Map the volunteer data to a central database. Our strength in internet should not bias our perception on ground. While leveraging the volunteer strength, it must be noted that many of the volunteers in the net would not have exposure to the hinterland ground reality. Internet will acquire more importance as its penetration increases. It is the great threat to totalitarians and they will make efforts to stmy it. Our objective  is to build up strong positions on all channels ot the voter and his mind.
  15. BJP should collaborate silently with institutions who in a nonviolent way take on  Church’s evangelisation and carry out reconversions. BJP should work with organisations to initiate efforts in this direction just as congress I is openly working with evangelist organisations (In AP YSR’s son-in-law himself is an evangelist). As indicated earlier, Congress I (islamiisai) through perverted conception of secularism has undermined native beliefs. An environment where church/mosque/bible/quran/mohummad/jesus/xianmuslim rituals, dogmas and history are openly examined critiqued is what will create for BJP a level playing field. Efforts such as Arun Shourie’s, Sita Ram Goel’s SL Byrappa’s deserve widest dissemination/reach, much more than the reach of communist/xian mouthpieces like NDTV.  Institutionalised means to counter xian/muslim penchant for violence, threats for violence must be set up/executed. Importance of Mainstreaming open, exhaustive and public critiques on islam/xianity/communism cant be understated.
  16. Govindacharya Style Social Engineering efforts to break new ground on the basis of social and economic criteria. Commitment to defend its core base is an issue on which BJP has been found wanting. Chasing mirages has not helped anyone. (Congress I (islamiisai) has been far superior in defending its vote bank. Despite all the ruckus post 26/11, Congress has refused to revoke POTA abrogation. Lessons for BJP here). Shaping the environment is a task that cant be avoided.
  17. As indicated earlier, I repeat despite seeming redundancy, Intellectual efforts to take on islam and christianity which in effect are totalitarian, predatory, imperial, foreign organisations must be backed. In BJP ruled states xian control of healthcare, education must be regulated in the interests of society (majority Hindu) and since soceital trust placed on church is being abused in many places. (You can not deal totalitarian evil with kids gloves). And the head-in-sand ostritches which believe church/mosque have nothing to do BJP defeat are part responsible for causing confusion and lack of clarity. Entire ecosystem needs to be understood and addressed. When Congress I, openly collaborates with islamic/xian organisations and pretends as if it is a hands off relationship, BJP need not feel defensive mobilsing people on the Hindu platform.
  18. Since politics is war with other means and deal with power, following pragmatic options need to be evaluated/exercised  Win instinct and commitment to win are important ingredients.  BJP operates in congress nurtured corrupt environ. Kautilyan realpolitik is what will contribute to victory. The thinking that deploying “good and innocent” sanghis will deliver wins on a platter is a naïve hope. In substantial cases “good” fellows are “good for nothing” fellows with core competence in toadying. Engagement with corrupt charlatans should be done on practical considerations without compromising the core – attainment of power, native Indian interests. Pragmatic behavior coupled with commitment to well being of native Indians (their intellectual, cultural, economic wellbeing) is one ray of hope to resuscticate BJP, native Indian well being. Tactics similar to what is captured below has already been practiced by sections hostile to native Indians such as congress I (islami-isai), DMK, CPI (M) et al.
    1. Position Congress I as islamiisai party or any other position that BJP consciously decides. Never allow raul vinci, others to gain an enigmatic position. If one removes the fog that rogue media has deliberately nurtured and built around raul vinci, one will notice a dumb low IQ hindi fail rogue, dumber than rajiv khan Gandhi, who massacred 5000 sikhs in cold blood in a single day in 1984. Internet can aid the process in defogging. But internet alone wont suffice in undressing nehrugandhi deceit.
    2. Congress I’s positioning as islamiisai party can be aided by questioning locus standi of Antonia Maino to participate in Ram Lila function, visit to Hindu festival, conducting Havan et al.
    3. Using media tools in its command Congi has positioned BJP as communal. Counter this by collaborating with likeminded parties on the issue by highlighting Congress’s real islami-isai colors. Congress should be positioned as corrupt, islami-isai (Pakistani/ Bangladeshi/ phirangon ki party). Messaging through allied social organizations the truth that jesus/mohummad are foreign barbarians that initialed dogmatic hate, totalitarian lies and devastated native cultures worldwide wont harm BJP. In any case, Congress should not be allowed uncontested to position itself as pro-poor/pro-young. (If BJP/Sangh initiate this strategy, as a response Congress will try to camouflage its true islami-isai identity, position itself as a party of all things to all people (an open lie). Congress will fall, if BJP effectively implements the strategy.
    4. Plant reliable and committed people inside congenitally hostile parties like Congress I (islami-isai), CPI(M), hostile media. If necessary recruit talented merceneries by compensating for their contribution.
    5. Fan discontent in Congressi vote banks. (reverse of what congress carried out in Mumbai thru MNS). Enfranchise bjp’s votebank. Collaborate with state ECs, Government Officers who also usually double as polling officers. (Find means to disenfranchise (Pakistani/Bangladeshi/phirangi elements), those that wont vote BJP (Reverse of what congress I (islamiisai), CPI(M) has done in places like Assam. Influencing polling agents of enemy parties should be an option on table. (As an aside contrast ABV/LKA’s following rule book to anoint Gopalswamy as CEC,  Congi backing of patisan rogue Navin Chawla)
    6. We know that muslims/xians leverage their so called places of prayer for political mobilisation. BJP should try and leverage native festivals/functions to mobilize: Mobilizing Yadavs when they assemble in Mathura for Janmashtami. Leverage other native functions for projecting BJP’s commitment to native interests. Freeing Krishna Janmabhoomi  as a movement will enthuse native Indian Yadavs and should be considered.
    7. Hostility between intermediate castes and forward castes is a myth propagated by enemies of natives. Intermediate and so called forward castes are less likely than others to fall for politics of divisiveness propagated by islami-isai forces. BJP is essentially a party standing for the interests of these native sections. Solid consolidation of these sections should be a political imperative. It is tough to believe that men like Siddharamaiah, Beni Prasad Verma, Akhilesh Yadav are intrinsically hostile when fundamental challenges facing natives is clearly articulated to them. Dalits should be educated and persuaded to join the natives with the passage of time.
    8. It is violence and threats of violence that underwrite muslim and Christian demands, mobilization, undermining of natives. As natives consolidate, it is a given that xians/muslim organizations would deploy violence and those who represent them like congress I (islami-isai) and communists would blame native Indians, BJP/RSS for violence.
    9. Onus on violence should be rested with muslims/xians and no justification or rationalization of violence should be accepted. Collaboration with Indian xians/muslims should be on native terms.
    10. Churchist control of education institutions is a constraint. Church/corrupt media work together to undermine nationalism. BJP should find ways to address it. (In BJP ruled states – make singing of National Song Vande Matharam compulsory, publicizing lives of national heros – Gobind Singh, Shivaji et. al. (detoxing history books, detoxifying church/communist inspired institution of race hatred against native communities like Jats, Rajputs, Sikhs, Brahmins must be part of agenda for consideration)
    11. Create a structure (high command creation cant be escaped), inculcate a culture of discipline, make the leader surround by those who speak the truth – not flatterers, yesmen. There will be those who will not like disciplining. Speak softly when such people do indiscretions. If repeated, use the stick. Authority, responsibility, results go together. If someone does not perform electorally over a period of time, move him/her.
    12. Packaging content is important. For example Advani for pm rollout should have started early. User friendly pocket book outlining advani’s legacy, his vision should hv been circulated rather than rolling out bulky ‘Me, My Life’1000 page tomes.
    13. Think long term. It is important to be the alpha party (dominant party in the alliance defending one’s voting sections). Try and ensure Nitish/JDS does not do a Biju Janata Dal. Politics is a powergame. One cant survive on goodwill alone. Target inorganic growth by integrating parties with synergistic agenda.
    14. More Lessons from Orissa seem to be the following:  Whether BJP likes it or not, it seems aspirationally significantly chunks of Indian people seem to prefer being like the babulog (Men like Naveen Patnaik; should we call them snake oil salesmen?) and tend to trust them despite their legacy of failed delivery. This perhaps is on account of faulty aspirational set ups(?) foisted on native Indians. Many probably do not even want to be reminded about their miserable state of affairs. (The hypothesis on aspirational aspect of Babulog needs to be validated by the BJP/RSS through an effective social research study). It is interesting that Raul Vinci, Congressi babulog efforts did not make any impact in Orissa.
    15. For motivating party cadres, use top of the line skills. Leverage Retired Armed Forces Personnel, who care to help.
    16. Monodimenstional commerical considerations can skew effective decisionmaking. Money acculation as well as its deployment must be based on realistic considerations with the welfare of native Indians in mind. Ensure that native interests are not short sold on commercial considerations.
    17. Make BJP membership aspirational. Influence commitment to the native Indian cause and BJP during membership drives. This can be done by requesting members to contribute through both material and physical efforts.
    18. In the short term, if it is validated that patronage mai baap economics work among key sections, leverage Sangh parivar organisations to ensure superior delivery.
    19. Cutting down dead wood is important. It is a necessary action that should be done without allowing sentiments to warp decision-making. Similarly it should be ensured that party credibility remains bigger than individual image. Actions that clearly undermine party perception, coherence should be discouraged.
    20. Following facts suggest it may be easy to fool uneducated poorer sections of Hindu Indians by playing the  perception game: (a)  Navin Patnaik’s chain smoking is camouflaged (b) M Karunanidhi has the gall to go for a hunger strike between breakfast and lunch in an AC environment (c) Raul Vinci fools around with the Kalavatis et al. of the world.

The above 18 points and 20 sub points capture the issues that BJP needs to grapple with. Each of these require serious brainstorming, analysis and conclusion. In the Head-Head clash with Congress I, BJP still has not done all that bad (While it got whacked in Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttharakhand, it still performed better in MP, Gujarat, Karnataka, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand). Congress I(islamiisai) will now go for BJP jugular thru its divisive hate politics in BJP ruled states.

ONE COMMENT ON TN/AP and Congi Performance there. It has been asserted that DMDK, PRP took away votes from ADMK, TDP as a reason for congress victory. Congress I, collaborated with DMDK to cut down anti incumbency votes. It was known for a long time that DMDK woud play spoilsport; ADMK and J Jayalalithaa should have effectively planned for this and communicated that vote to DMDK is a vote down the drain and for Congi/DMK.

UP ANALYSIS:  UP is the most important electoral state in India. The raul vinci/manmohan magic in UP is a lie. This has been amply clarified by Diggy Raja himself among insightful observers.

Details on congi surge in UP follow:

  • Roping in Panna Lal Puniya. Panna Lal Puniya is an important name in UP politics. He proved that the dalit votebank is not monolythic. Ex Principal Secretary of Mayawati, an old associate of Kanshi Ram crushed BSP in Barabanki, its stronghold. He recently renamed himself as Panna Lal Chamar to swing Chamar votes. He was a indeed a good pick for Congress.
  • Incremental movement of Kurmi/Keori votes to Congress I (islami-isai) on account of Beni Prasad Verma who transitioned from Mulayam to Congress in East UP.
  • Muslim vote: There was a very important meeting before the elections. Maulana Mohummad Tauqeer Raza Khan, All India Ittehad Millat Council, inked a deal with Congress. Maulana Tauqeer is great grandson of Maulana Ali Shah Mufti who founded influential Barelvi sect. Barelvi votes did move to Congress. While Barelvis wear the moderate mask they have a legacy of fanaticism similar to Deobandis. These are among the most regressive elements in the world, not just India.
  • The above factors explain why Congress I (islami-isai) gained ~6% votes.
  • When all this subterranean activities were going on, Mulayam decided on Intermediate caste consolidation and was confident he will get incremental Rajput, Muslim votes.
  • Those who argue Varun cost BJP the elections dont know the difference between their arms and feet. This fiction is nurtured on account of two motives: (a) MSM’s necessity to position him as a bad boy visavis raul vinci, whose personality, character does not provide them confidence. (b) BJP’s factionalism.  The contrarian view that Varun energised BJP cadre in UP is closer to the truth. It is no coincidence that in most native Indian languaged word for muslim is an expletive. No wonder Varun won big. Also but for Modi’s campaigns things could have been worse for the BJP there. (Note: Much more stringent comments from a much more senior politician Benazir Bhutto on Jag Mohan and Hindus, facilitating murders and ethnic cleansing of Hindus there did not invite censures by Indian MSM who sucked upto her)
  • Since 1999 BJP has been losing its lead in UP on account of poor leadership (vajpayee, advani, rajnath, kalyan singh, kalraj Mishra) all need to take the blame; for undoing the remarkable social engineering coalition that the likes of Govindacharya, Kalyan Singh et. al. had conceived, built brick by brick on the back of Ram Movement.

COMMENT ON COMMUNISTS: Communists were destined to lose – their long lies on secularism doing little for muslims while sleeping with most rabid fundamentalists and their false claims on speaking up for poor while brinda karat wears designer sarees and the karats go vacationing to Europe with prannoyjames’/radhika roy was bound to invite rebuke. Communists would have still got away but for the strategic mistake that its senescesent leaders Harkishen Surjit and Jyothi Basu did compounded by mediocre leadership of Karats and Yechury. Surjit forgot that you cant have the cake and eat it too. Surjit forgot, communist real enemies were Trinamul Congress in Bengal and Congress I (islamiisai) in Kerala and foolishly targeted the BJP. Communist assets NDTV (Deceit 24/7), Newspaper “The Hindu (Lies Daily)” compounded the mistake. (Folks: Communists not just have Ganashakthi, People’s Democracy as their mouthpieces). But for BJP taking away some of the opposition votes in West Bengal, Communist rout would have been even worse.

Lot of effort is required to tame the evil fasciosi congress I (islami-isai) organisation. Evil forces will not keep quiet opening up breakthrough opportunities for BJP. Congress I (islamiisai)’s links with evangelists/jehadis will have its costs on India. Economic loot that will now continue from India too would generate powerful opportunities to take the battle on congress I on the streets (remember JP’s legacy).

People are barking at the wrong tree by focusing on Hindutva. While a few who peddle this are well meaning and mention this out of ignorance and short sightedness, some on account of BJP factional reasons, some to camouflage their mal performance by raising heat on an issue destined to cause ruckus, overwhelming numbers of those who provide this unsolicited advice on giving up BJP’s Hindu roots are pseudo progressives masquerading as BJP’s well-wishers.  It will be a travesty of truth to argue that BJP carried out a Hindutva campaign. As we noted, issues behind BJP loss are far more structural. The other group that is focussing on Hindutva are the ones in BJP, like neandral Sudheendra Kulkarni, who should not have been there in the first place. In fact the concern is that this unwarranted focus on Hindutva will help those that want to obfuscate the real reasons and hide the individuals responsible for BJP’s failure. BJP/Jana Sangh/Sangh Parivar’s DNA is rooted in Hindu DNA and efforts to tinker with this will result in disaster. Any efforts by vested interests and well sounding idiots to peddle anti Hindutva nonsense should be cut there and then.

Next Steps: Summarizing, BJP if it has to get out of its morass of the past decade, will need following:

  1. Coherent definition of Ideology elements such as Hindutva, Big Ideas that will have resonance in minds of voters. Clarity on the narrative and the discourse.
  2. Social Engineering to expand its voter base on social and economic criteria. Execution done by enabling the Organization machinary, effectively synergising with like minded organization/groups/opinion makers. Plan and execute how well it can hand-over tangible benefits to its prospective voter base.
  3. Inspiring and credible leadership of a proven performer like Modi who can bring in the incremental votes (something that Advani 2009 could not achieve). Credibility of leadership is important. Image should match reality. (Sickular muck throwing if effectively countered on ground will help shape ecosystem, aid BJP credibility, help potential BJP voter mobilisation)

Above three conditions in conjunction are necessary. A two legged or a one legged seat is never stable.

A committed dharmic battle fought in the mindspace, resolutely over a period of time is the way to go. There should be a will to win backed by killer instinct – commitment to win (Krishna Neethi). Perseverence will be the key. While the election campaign is culmination of the fight, the war to root out totalitarian dynastic evil congress I (islami-isai) is continuous and it should continue with full vigor.

While the british left in 1947, resulting in physical freedom, significant sections of native Indian mind still remain enslaved. Using a variety of sophisticated propoganda tools, deceit, lies, forces of totalitarianism, inimical to native Indian civilisation like Congress I (islami-isai) et. al. have kept significent sections of Indian mind caged. True Independence will happen only when the Indian mind is freed.

Challenge today for India is far tougher than what our heros Harihara Raya, Chatrapathi Shivaji and Guru Gobind faced.

No time should be lost. The fight should be fought with the verve of new Independence movement. The war to permanently bury evil congress i (islami-isai) starts…NOW.

God Bless India.


ZoomIndianMedia notes with gratification the remarkable victory of Navjyot Singh Sidhu from Amritsar Sahib and the victory of Nalin Kumar Kateel from South Canara. In South Canara, Congress I (Islami-Isai), church, mosque tried their communal hate politics. Storyline is this: Church initiated deceitbased conversions of native Indians by abusing native Indian traditions, icons. Locals got angry and attacked the church. Corrupt MSM pounced on Hindu organisations and called native Indians of Mangalore communal. Massive propoganda was perpetrated. Church illegally closed schools it operates. Church asked all of its adherents to vote Congress I, Mosque asked all its adherents to vote BJP out. Congress I (islamiisai), sure of xian and muslim votes nominated Janardhan Poojary, a Billava, community who make the largest number in South Canara. BJP nominated a Sangh worker Nalin Kateel. Politically conscious Hindus of South Canara were angry at the vote bank politics of congress I (islami-isai), Church, Mosque, rose above caste cleavages and handed Kateel a famous victory. As a double whammy loud mouth, Renuka Choudhary is one of the few Congress MPs that lost. Basing Renuka’s Mangalore statements, her rival projected Renuka as a drunkard! Another important piece that MSM suppressed was BJP’s Pratap Sonawane trounced Congressman Amarishbhai Patel in Malegaon. Raigarh Electorate trounced A R Antulay. Anant Geete of Shiv Sena routed A R Antulay. Antulay and MSM had used Malegaon blasts to negatively paint Hinduism.


  • Jo Jeetha, Wo Sikandar, Jo Haaraa Wo Bandar
  • Winner takes All
  • Nice Guys finish last
  • Know your customer (Voter)
  • Speak Soft, Carry a big stick

(I have posted as comments number of viewpoints. While many are shallow there are some insightful ones such as Veteran Journalist Kamath’s)

Update November 26, 2009: BJP top leadership continued its bluster as if nothing has changed. Continuing Shenanigans prompted following posts on (1) Leadership change (2) Kamaraj type plan