Fiberal Ashutosh Varshney?

Ashutosh Varshney Sepoy

Ashutosh Varshney is charlatan and a good example of how chicanery and sepoyism operate. Read on to understand further.

Self-styling himself as an “intellectual” he peddles many canards perhaps deliberately. On, America, Ashutosh Varshney writes

The US allows hyphens: Irish-American, Italian-American, Jewish-American, Chinese-American, Indian-American are all accepted categories.

Varshney is silent on xn American identity and the Hindu American identity. The elaborate efforts to undermine Hindu identity in the US has been captured in the book Invading the Sacred.

How American polity defends its xn Identity, undermines Hindu identity and how India undermines its Hindu identity and promotes xn identity can seen in this fact based post here.

Ashtuosh goes on:

The White House celebrates Diwali today. Yet America remains strong as a nation.

I challenge Ashutosh Varshney’s students if they find correlation between White House Celebrating Deepawali and America’s strength.

Ashutosh Varshney rambles on:

Nehru, whose ideas won out and were finally enshrined in the Constitution, thought accommodation of diversities would make minorities secure.

There was no battle of ideas. Narrative in India since 1947 has been by and large anti-Hindu hate of different degrees. Earlier, during xn-west imperialist occupation, those like Tilak were sent to Kaala Paani and attempts were made to break their spirits and bodies. Aurobindo was exiled. Potential collusive elements like JL Nehru were dignified before gullible masses with soft jail terms. As Prime Minister, JL Nehru pretty much founded a dynasty by giving primacy to his family interests rather than national interests. And, JL Nehru knew about US 22nd Amendment of March 1947 setting the two term limit on presidency.

A Varshney peddles more canards.

A singular national identity was also equated with masculinity by Hindu nationalists. Vivekananda, whose sayings Modi tweets, came to promote “three Bs” for Hindus: beef, biceps and the Bhagavad Gita. For Gandhi, as also Nehru, India’s identity could be soft and feminine.

Christian west contamination of Ashutosh Varshney’s education and mind in full flow here.

  1. Varshney’s assertion on Vivekananda as promoting beef is a false claim. And that Vivekananda posited for the Hindu – beef, biceps and Bhagavad Gita sits on flimsy if not non-existent and therefore malicious evidence.
  2. JL Nehru’s identity of India was an outcome of his egotism and the nation paid and continues to pay a price – economic, defense and empowerment of her citizens. Nothing feminine about it. And Varshney peddles xn/islamic framework of femininity as soft and as opposed to strong.
  3. Hindu concept of Feminine is different – as Shakthi, the power. Durga sits on a lion, carries Sword and goes to war. Shivaji worshipped Bhavani. Vivekananda’s Guru Ramakrishna was a Kali devotee. A Hindu looks at Bharat as Mother.

Winding up Varshney rhetorically asks

Does Modi want to integrate minorities by giving them space to breathe and feel Indian because India respects their belief systems?

That the muslim and christian population proportion in India has been growing while the Hindu population proportion has been reducing is clear evidence that the Hindu requires more breathing space in India.

Sol Goldman Professor of International Studies and the Social Sciences at Brown University (where he also claims to direct the India Initiative at the Watson Institute) comes across as an academic equivalent of India’s dubious paid media.


2 Responses to Fiberal Ashutosh Varshney?

  1. viti99 says:

    A good deconstruction of the flimsy arguments that this interminable liar peddles.
    I don’t know why is it that they keep repeating their lies when they have actually been proved as outright liars.
    And to think that they are in US projecting India, is anathema.

  2. viti99 says:

    Another shameful chapter in indian Histoy of sickularism.

    Marines won’t return.

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