Crony Rules of the Game – Unlevel the Playing Field

This refers to a discussion with a leading retailer in T Nagar area of Chennai (Madras). This retailer is known for low prices.

The question was why could the retailer not expand to other cities. The retailer highlighted that he can not go to Hosur, let alone Bangalore – the business “necessitates” his local presence. Contrast this with Sam Walton who started off from little Arkansas and within decades could roll out nationally in the United States.

Real challenge to the Indian economy has been the crony socialism & its derivatives- corruption, ad-hocism, all nurtured by CON-party’s very sickular Jawarhalal Nehru and family. There is a positive correlation between sickularism and poverty.

The narratives centered on binaries of efficiency/small businessman perpetrated by cronyist media and the ignorant is a fraud on the gullible Hindu. Key issue in the Indian economy remains the lack of structural reforms, lack of level playing field with the dice loaded in favor of cronies and the dubious.


2 Responses to Crony Rules of the Game – Unlevel the Playing Field

  1. Reforms now means making Big Business more powerful. While procedures and processes for Big Business have been eased, relaxed, reformed, streamlined, what has happened to Small Business.

    They have been loaded with more laws, more compliances, more taxes


    – Less bank credit,
    – Reduced access to share market,
    – Private finance has become rare

    Apart from many things that we can do, the one small thing that we can do, which will smash this system is buy gold.

    This one action will create make the Big State impossible to expand and grow.

  2. After roosting for 9 long years on the throne, the CON led UPA now decides that economic reforms are a necessity and hence, apart from all other torn down economic policies brought in hastily, FDI in Retail too is being slapped. What is the reason for this wake up from their Kumbhakarna slumber of 9 long years? Reason is simple. Having been openly caught in the quagmire of gigantic corruption, most recent being the CoalGate, a diversion of attention was imperative. Price hike of essential commodities, diesel and bring in FDI in Retail all fundamentally hurt the common man, the predominant population.

    Hence, this masterstroke by CON think tankers has so far had its desired results. Paid Media is relentlessly debating all these issues. Public is out on the streets protesting against all these issues. Economists and Corporate Houses of course are all welcoming these issues. The poor is all too busy battling all these issues along with nature’s wrath blessing them in contrasting extremes.

    Corruption is nowhere in anybody’s mind as is the communal tension prevalent in many parts of the Nation, mostly favoring the Muslims and other Minorities. All those political parties that cried foul against the tantamount corruption of CON seem to deliberately take a different route when all leads point to First Family of India, a title bestowed by the CON Party themselves along with some pseudo secular fools.

    That the imposition of FDI in Retail is an open measure for CON, its first family and the rest of the corrupt syndicate to re-channel their Loot back into the country is missing everybody’s receptivity. And that is the **crony rule of the game** !!

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