Media Mafia fails to keep the Kashmir Hindu Exile News Wrapped

Media is supposed to be a watch dog for citizens. In India, media is corrupted. Main reason for this corruption is control of media by those whose agenda is anti-native. This results in dangerous subversion. What people watch as news is faked reality, carefully calibrated. Sickular agenda effectively contorts what Indian people see as news. Rise of internet has broken the media oligopoly. Thanks to the online efforts of bloggers & tweeple, now more & more Indians are getting a peep into reality.

This empowerment of Indian people among others was celebrated by Amitabh Bachchan, Bollywood Icon. Amitabh cited a recent article in DNA written by tweeple @Rajeevsrinivasa. Rajeev’s artcile specifically commends the work of tweeple @swathipradeep2 @barbarindian @preeti86 @sandeepweb and @atanudey for their work in de-mystifying sickular canards and exposing deceit. Now #barkhagate, #chormedia, #ibnlies, #mediamafia #radiamedia are part of lexicon.

Yesterday was an important day for Indians. A day when 21 years of Kashmiri Hindu ethnic cleansing by islamists got completed. It was a unique event in the annals of history. Hundreds of Thousands of Kashmiri Hindus, native people of Kashmir, were driven out through coercive threats. State government apparatus failed.  In the true traditions of islamist sickular discourse, the Hindu victims were blamed for their victimhood, a canard disabused by Governor of the state in 1990, Shri Jagmohan. Government apparatus

Indian Government propagating rogue notions of sickularism failed to provide security to Hindu people. Supreme Court was appalled this week that the Govt provides only verbal commitments and no concrete relief to Kashmiri Hindus.

Native Indian people discussed online ethnic cleansing of Hindu people in Kashmir. They even made this major onlne trends while organized sickular media mafia was muted and provided hardly any coverage on the event.

It was unfortunate that some members of the media could not take in stride what ordinary Indian people think on various issues.

Dichotomy of the coverage was not lost on discredited journo, Barkha Dutt, NDTV editor, one of the most sinister media journalists. Barkha Dutt last year was caught on tape, lobbying Telecom Ministership for A Raja, a corrupt minister who was responsible for loot to the tune of Rs. 1,76,000 Crore from spectrum, a national asset and which essentially is asset of each Indian.

Barkha Dutt ended up rationalising ethnic cleansing of Hindus by refering to what she called ‘genuine differences’. Probably it was a freudean sickular slip to hide the role of islamist terror in Hindu ethnic cleansing in Kashmir. Indian people know how the ethnic cleansing was organized by islamic elements. Please see this Video at 1:29 and onwards. Certified by Sickulars as ‘moderate muslim’, Benazir Bhutto manifested ‘genuine (sickular?) differences’ that would have made Maulana Maududi proud and enabled islamic hate & encouraged ethnic cleansing of Hindus.

Unfortunately for Barkha, her online nemesis Swathi Pradeep, Blogger & Chief Editor Citizen Journos saw Barkha Dutt’s stupefying rationale. She called Barkha Dutt’s bluff.

Indian people online were deeply disappointed by Barkha Dutt’s charade and comments started pouring.

Tweeple Ashutosh took apart Barkha Dutt’s perverse logic in a series of blistering tweets.

Other tweeple too did not find Barkha Dutt’s blatant sickular rationalisation of Kashmiri Hindu ethnic cleansing funny. Even Pakistan’s commentator Marvi Sirmed tweeted “Any act of killing people for being from a particular religion, is a communal act. Where’s the ambiguity?”

It is time Media deceits realized that tightly controlled oligopoly environ when media could get away with deceit and lies are gone for good.

For Indians lessons from Kashmir is clear. Not to be fooled by slogans like secularism, peddled by groups with subversive agenda. Sickularist deceit has to be exposed every time. Secularism is undesirable in the context of native Dharma. Secularism has utility when it is applied to isai and perhaps islamic institutions; as secularism as a paradigm was contextual and was developed in the west as an answer to the tyranny of dogmatic christianity.

Uthishta Bharata


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