Tweet Twisting: Old Media Habits Die Hard. Prannoy Roy School of Deceit Journalism is Dead

Please tell us why tweets get Subverted?

Times Now hosted a Newshour program on BJP wanting to host the national flag. It invited feedback from news watchers to tweet their feedback. Tweeple Malleshwara had responded with his tweet. Please check below:

And in their program, Times Now carried Malleshwara’s tweet. He was shocked to notice however that his tweet was twisted beyond recognition. Malleshwara was appalled.

Times Now, News Hour Team Twists Malleshwara Tweet

It was not just Malleshwara whose tweet got twisted. Tweeple Praween was among others whose tweet ended up convoluted. Please check below

And in their program, this was how Times Now carried Praween’s tweet.

Times Now, Newshour team twisted Praween's tweet


Media deceit is not new in India. Brazenness of it is also not new. NDTV, CNN-IBN have manifested far worse behavior. What is remarkable here is its manifestation so soon after ‘Tweet Twisting’ was publicized by insightful Blogger Swathi Pradeep. Swathi had highlighted how Times Now had twisted Tweeple Suresh Nakhua. That infamous act was cited in Huffington Post too.

Either Times Now has no feedback mechanisms or worse it has people that believe misrepresentation is cool. Media does not seem to realize, Post Radiagate new words on media have entered lexicon – barkhagate, dalalmedia, mediamafia, chormedia etc.

Its time media realized that tightly controlled oligopoly environ when media could get away with deceit and lies is gone.

Prannoy Roy school of media deceit is well and truly dead.


7 Responses to Tweet Twisting: Old Media Habits Die Hard. Prannoy Roy School of Deceit Journalism is Dead

  1. VALVE says:

    We should sue TIMES NOW.

  2. Anil Kohli says:

    So finally the closet CONgrass has also started to grow. This virus must be contained and eliminated at this stage itself.

    How could this Channel be any different than the rest.One indulges in wheeling dealing, another in faking tweets this one in twisting tweets.

    All of them think they can get away with this.

    No. This is not acceptable.

  3. sameer says:

    I think TimesNow posted the reply to tweets sent to @theNewshour. @ is generally used to reply to tweet.

    • John says:

      But Sameer, In basic they(Times) never show the comments or tweet what they(Times) are going to reply. This is just the way to misguide the people like you and me. So somebody asks them why they did this, they can say we had replied it.

  4. saggirex says:

    This is how these Media houses twist the news as per their agenda. Its Times now which joiuned the deceit club of CNN IBN and NDTV to twist the feedback through twitter and facebook. Shameful Arnab.. Whatever credibility left was lost …U joined the elite club of Barkha Dutt/ Sardesai and CON Roy…to cheat…and still u want to get away..

    Its impossible for u asses to get away…u will be challenged every now and

  5. IndicRace says:

    Great work buddy! Keep at it. I am simply amazed by the way you have gone about unearthing the facts. You are my inspiration.

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