No Justice for Deaf and Mute Anil Kumar? Sexual Abuse Victim

In May 2009, ZIM had referred to the ‘mute’ response of Indian Media on one of biggest crimes to ever hit India – serial child abuse.

Recent cacophony pertaining to Ruchika Girotra’s persecution by a SPS Rathore made ZIM revisit what remains a criminal suppression of truth by Indian Government Authorities and media. An Australian Christian Missionary responsible for crimes of humongous magnitude is out on bail.

Full Video of Brother Paul Alan’s gut wrenching behavior can be viewed here. Brother Paul Alan was someone who escaped justice in Western Australia for fraud and operates in India as a Catholic Christian Missionary and a respected Doctor.  He led Mother Teresa’s “Missionaries of Charity’ Mass. Among other things he set up his own Missionary enterprise “New Hope”, solicited funds through advertorials.

Some of Brother Alan’s actions pertain to practicing medicine and worse doing surgeries on gullible poor, all without having a medical license.

But this was nothing compared to what you will read now. For three full decades, mind you, not just a day or a week or a month,  for three full decades, Brother Paul Alan sexually abused and assaulted hundreds of teenage children across eastern India in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.

One child, 14 year old Anil Kumar, same age as Ruchika, who was deaf and mute but not dumb and who lived with Brother Paul Alan committed suicide (We do not know if it was a murder).

Deaf, Mute boy Anil Kumar:

It is not as if the news is not in the public domain. Sally Sara, ABC’s Indian Correspondent did outstanding investigative journalism to dig out the details on the outlaw.

As Sally Sara captures, Brother Paul Alan has been released on bail multiple times, doing more evil every time and Prosecution non existent.

Cover up in India has been massive. Government, the Media, So called Social Rights Activists all went  “Omerta” on this one.

There are many in the Government who need to provide answers on this one:

Sonia Gandhi, Ruling

Congress Party President                                                                                        

Rahul Gandhi, Ruling Congress                             Party General Secretary

Manmohan Singh,        Prime Minister

Navin Patnaik Chief                                                                                             Minister of Orissa

P Chidambaram, Home                                 Minister, India

YSR Reddy, Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh

Local and State Administration in Brother Paul Alan’s places of operation – Titlagarh and Puri in Orissa and Vishakapatnam in Andhra Pradesh need to provide answers. In fact Pradesh Kumar Maharana, Mayor of Titilagarh said on camera that he knew about the ugly happenings and yet preferred not to act. External Affairs Ministry too needs to provide answers. David Headley aka Daood Gilani was not the only one conning them.

Some Questions

-Indian Media: Why despite knowing the details, they have preferred to be “deaf and mute”?

-Why have civil rights organisations both local and national not acted on this case which is far more gruesome in magnitude than  SPS Rathore’s behavior?

-Brother Paul Alan was from Australia and operated for a long time in Orissa with Leprosy Missions. Was he connected to Graham Staines?

-What was Paul Alan’s connection with organizations like World Vision? These are important questions that directly impact well being of India.  Where are the intrepid reporters that can provide us answers?

-Will the Government face the problem or run away from it, and worse try and influence/persecute Sally Sara and ask ABC to have the information removed from public domain?

-What are Governance mechanisms to monitor Christian missions and christian funding on evangelizing initiatives which have skyrocketed?

-Did Brother Paul Alan have valid papers to stay in India for such an extended period of time? Who helped Brother Paul Alan with his visa extensions?

-Will civil rights organizations file questions to administration under RTI? And will Government come clean?

-What actions were taken by National Human Resources Commission, Ministry of Child Welfare to address Brother Paul Alan’s serial child abuses?

-Answers to the above questions will outline how effective is Indian Democracy.

Post Script: In a disgrace to Indian Union, but a victory for catholic church’s serial pedophila Paul Alen jumped bail in January 2010 and disappeared. Update: Did he make a brief reappearance in Congress party ruled Andhra Pradesh in Vishakapatnam. Media remains muted.



3 Responses to No Justice for Deaf and Mute Anil Kumar? Sexual Abuse Victim

  1. Viva says:

    There is rot everywhere . We should absolutely not tolerate any use and abuse of children. With regards tothe loathsome Brother Paul Alan everyone was in the know.He did not have valid papers to stay in India – he should have been sent out of our country long back.But then ,all of them were in cahoots with each other – for which an innocent Anil Kumar paid with his life.

  2. Incognito says:

    That this did not make ‘BREAKING NEWS’!

    Just imagine if some ‘godman’ of ‘majority community’ had been found doing this, entire bharatiya samskriti would have been tarnished, every sadhu would have been called unspeakables. And it would be BREAKING NEWS 24/7 for weeeeks.

    It is good that even if indian media is prostituting itself, Aussie media is doing something good. Also ZIM.

    If more awareness is created on this, perhaps media will take notice.


  3. Prashanth K.P. says:

    This news does not boost the TRP ratings of any leading TV Channels primarily because there is no financial gain here and secondly because it pertains to Xian cruelty, Xians who OWN most of the Visual Media Channels in India.

    Don’t be surprised this brother Paul Alan is housed at Sonia Gandhi’s residence, dining & sleeping in her house (Guest I mean – not to think otherwise, she is 60 and beyond anything else by Indian standards).

    Anil Kumar died – how no one will know, ever? It is only pursuits from authorities like ZIM than can perhaps bring about some justice to such criminal cases practiced by Xian pedophiles.

    We must support ZIM in this pursuit. Yes – we must.

    Jai Hind!

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