IBN Lies Live

Foreign funded IBN Lies Live has a history of undermining native Indians. A section from their news program is provided here.

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The interplay of connections, by no means exhaustive that monopolise mass manufacturing falsehood is presented here.

Rogue Media Network

Interplay of IBN Lies Live, Editor Sagarika Ghose’s connections is provided here. It appears that family connections rather than merit propelled Sagarika Ghose to the editorship of IBN Lies Live.

And of course Rajdeep Sardesai family proudly funds christian fascist worldvision which under the cover of social service does serious jesus evangelism. More on world vision which is led by Congress party Rajya Sabha MP, Radhakant Nayak (christian with Hindu sounding name) here.

And we will see Rajdeep Sardesai with a straight face claiming his channel is unbiased and will talk about the propriety of dynasty politics. Touche! Joke is on us, those who watch manufactured deceit from IBN Lies Live!


3 Responses to IBN Lies Live

  1. H.S.Deo says:

    It seems to be fashionable to condemn Hindus as terrorists when it is the Muslims, whether homegrown or Pakis who are doing most of the damage. If Hindus were terrorists all Muslims would be in Pak.

  2. […] Lies Live Caught Lying on Mahatma Modiji Church linked IBN Lies Live, a channel that collaborates with India’s CON party (Congress I (islami-isai)) is caught yet […]

  3. Prashanth K.P. says:

    It has eventually come to a stage where Hindus are more or less becoming slaves of their identity by the unscrupulous onslaught by the Muslims, Xians and the communal Congress Party. A mere 18% of other faiths blessed by the nasty politics led by a Xian is destroying the cultural fabric of what was a respectful Hindu Rashtra. Is there a remedy to this. YES and NO. The YES is if and only if the Hindus unite under the amicable realization that it is not the politics they believe in but the cultural values they are supposed to believe in that is getting prostituted thereby realizing that it should come to an end. The NO is that petty politics augmented by pseudo-secular nonsense erodes the fabric of the country on the ethical and moral front, condoned and assisted by the print & visual media for nefarious benefits, and with the economic liberty the country has proferred the people, they have become estranged to the verity of their very identity that is being a HINDU!

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