Indian Secularism is Sick

Congress I (islami-isai) supported by communist elements have foisted an ugly perversion of secularism on native Indians.

Secularism in the West was conceived to keep in check totalitarian dogmatic church, a known institution of deceit and perversion. Since Islam too is dogmatic and totalitarian, Secularism in India would have made sense if it helps keep these beliefs under check.

On account of perversion by Congress I (islami-isai) and communists, secularism was used to undermine native Hinduism, a decentralised faith, a faith where experience is central, skepticism is integral, belief voluntary and text subservient. Foreign concept of secularism makes sense, only if it is applied on dogmatic foreign beliefs, which it was created to keep in check – Beliefs like xianity, islam.

Articles 25 to 30 of India constitution have been used to empower totalitarian xianity/islam. In India, we have a situation wherein all the rights, privileges and prerogatives belong to the minorities and the native Indians are left holding the duties, responsibilities and obligations.

Natives as we know in India cant set up education institutions to propagate their values/heritage. And native places of worship alone get regulated by the hostile government, their resources abused/looted.

All this happens while followers of totalitarian dogmas propagate their hateful beliefs unrestrained and actively encouraged by government and corrupt media. Further islamic and christian groups are networked with global networks, which support their co-religious groups in India with cash and kind. Apart from subverting harmony in India, many of the global networks fester hate towards native ethos.

In India’s perverse electoral environment native icons/beliefs can be abused without any costs while totalitarian beliefs and their idols get nothing but eulogies. And the forced eulogy of totalitarian beliefs are underwritten by violence. All hell breaks lose when xian/muslim idols like jesus/koran get are critically examined.

Moral equivalence between  Native Indian Hinduism, a decentralised faith, a faith where experience is central, skepticism is integral, belief voluntary and text subservient and dogmatic totalitarian foreign beliefs like islam and christianity remains an egregious error. Islam and christianity remain beliefs pushing its followers towards medieval dark ages and barbarianism. This perversion of secularism can be rightly called as sickularism.

One such example of this perversion is presented below as a Congress candidate argues Hinduon Ka Shahr Se Naamon Nishaan Mitaanaa Hai:

T_SUN06 congress is islami isai

Congress leader Syed Abdul Quadir Amir (Quadir Maulana) candidate for Aurangabad during elections, extorts that native Indians/their parties should be obliterated and Aurangabad islamised. When caught in their overt hate acts, sickulars revert with convenient denials. Sickos and their isai/islami collaborators have perpetrated hate similar to what is captured above, both covertly and overtly, for far too long, tearing the national fabric. Fundamental islamic/isai  hostility to native weltanschuang is a persisting reality. For well being of all Indians, constitutional safeguards to stop the intolerance of totalitarian  hate mongering beliefs – islam, xianity are essential.

Native Indians have been historically naive and charitable towards followers foreign totalitarian beliefs that seek to uproot native Indian heritage and culture using all possible means. It is time to call their bluff.



2 Responses to Indian Secularism is Sick

  1. zoomindianmedia says:

    Native Indians, if they care for their wellbeing should initiate efforts to amend articles 25-30 and set up national native beliefs commission – watchdog for native wellbeing.

    Natives should insist on institutionalized mechanisms for their right to retain their proportion of Indian population, resist attempts at conversion to totalitarian, proselytizing dogma faiths, right to be regarded as the national society, and the right to define the cultural ethos of the country.

  2. K P Ganesh says:

    There is no doubt that the way Indian politicians and the “sold out to Congress and communist party” media channels have run amok in the last 20 years by portraying India as a secular country in a very falsified manner. But the biggest problem Hindu’s are facing is our inability to find unity among ourselves to fight this ADHARMA. It’s the way the mind has been designed, especially of those of Hindu’s who seem to be having more EGO, compared to people following “for the sake of governance” created religions, that resort to conversion either using force or through inducements, to increase their population only to corner power (read vested interests). Perfect analogy would be – increasing the head count of an organization, inspite of the organization being totally defunct. But when we start looking at the entire scheme of things from a broader perspective which invariably happens once you start introspecting, these circumstances are just noises created around each individual for him to do his KARMA up holding the values of DHARMA, forcing him to find the right balance between his logic and emotions and take a decision that charts out a path that humanity can follow. Even more BEAUTIFUL PART IS THAT THE ENTIRE PROCESS OF CREATION, DIVISION AND DESTRUCTION IS JUST A HUMONGOUS ILLUSION INSTILLED WITHIN EVERY HUMAN MIND (just like those bacteria or virus act when looked through a microscope). But thanks to each and every persons EGO (AHAMKARA) comfortably wanting to remain within the 3 KOSHAS (ANAMAYA KOSHA- Conscious state/voluntary actions, PRANAMAY KOSHA- Subconscious state/involuntary actions AND MANOMAYA KOSHA- Unconscious state like in Coma)which most humans never realize, in turn loosing their WILL POWER to overcome these 3 initial obstacles to make the progress towards the next level GYANAMAYA KOSHA (TRUE KNOWLEDGE) before entering into the final stage of eternal bliss/Nirvana – ANANDAMAYA KOSHA. Thanks to this lack of will power we find it a struggle to face and fight the demons of greed and fear within. Where’s the question of standing up for truth and fighting unjust circumstances running riff in society where the complications keep multiplying manifold.

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