Shubh Deepawali and Political NGOs

Come diwali and we see many rodents coming out from their underground burroughs.

Essentially these are of two types: (a) Xian (b) Communist

One will shout that Diwali causes pollution, exploits child labor. Another will hector that crackers cause cancer. Rogue big media which is funded by isaiislamilaal syndicates will play along magnifying the noise. Children especially are targetted to be brainwashed and natives trained to hate their own traditions.

Of course you will not find of any of these organizations making any brouhaha on Hajj journey, which results in most collosal wastage of resources (both personal and worse taxpayer’s). Also come December and the collossal wastage of energy and cutting of trees (green house emission anyone?) that accompanies the non native abomination, xian celebration of great hoax (virgin conception indeed?), aspects that never get critiqued let alone questioned. India is a strange place where pure evil deceits in action that cheat natives dont get questioned, worse get eulogized. One does not get to see in the media how Christian & islamic food habits are not just unhealthy but have been cited in global warming.

The real reason Diwali gets targeted is this: To undermine native Indian traditions and beliefs. There is another raisondetre for targeting native Indian festivities: During holi, native children use water gun, and in Diwali, toy guns, fireworks. For natives both the festivities represent lot of fun. Enemies of natives seek to completely enervate natives and cut down Khatriya/Khalsa spirit, which totalitarians see as a threat and want to see fully neutered. Christian fascists have achieved great success in neutering Hindus because of mediocre leadership among natives.

This criticism of native traditions happens as muslims use crackers during Eid, xian fascists Diwalify their great hoax (use crackers on x-mas). And appropriate  native traditions like ‘Vijayadashami Aksharabyas’, claiming them xian. Dont fall for the  canards spread by christian groups wearing native/irreligious/social-service masks like ‘asha‘, ‘worldvision‘ etc.

Government would do well to ensure Xians/muslims are forbidden from using crackers for their festivals. It isnt their tradition. Bennet and Coleman, Andhashradha Nirmulan Samiti kind of charlatans would do well to rake up and eradicate superstitions that make up islam/xianity for betterment of India/world. Too many people go around that believe in hoaxes like virgin giving birth, flying in winged horse to heaven, dead men coming back from the graveyard et al.

As for my dear native Indian (Hindu, Jain, Sikh) friends, paraphrasing Deng, in native Indian tradition, to be prosperous and happy is glorious. Enemies of happiness, those who create and peddle poverty and sin are the enemies of native Indians, in case of India (rogue groups like communists/CON party [congress I (isai)].

So, dear reader, celebrate the triumph of Dharma by lighting up your home, wearing your new clothes, and by lighting your seven shots, your flower pots, zameen chakers, sparklers and by exploding your crackers. It is Indian government’s Hydrogen Bomb that was a dud, not the ones from Sivakasi. Do ensure that your security remains paramount by maintaining distance from crackers, and that crackers are handled under adult supervision. And that loud decibel crackers maintain distance from infants and senior citizens. BJP/Sangh leaders, native organizations with funds would do well to contribute lights, new clothes, crackers for poor people and light up happiness in their homes.

Shubh Diwali

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