NDTV Barkha Dutt – Suppressio Veri

Suppress the truth is among first cardinal principles of totalitarians. NDTV with close connections to communists has repeatedly practised this principle.

Here one can see how they have influenced Vanity Fair magazine to suppress the truth of their dirty role contributing to casualties/placing in danger innocents during Mumbai terror attacks of November 26, 2008 carried out by islamic terrorists.

Vanity Fair carried an article by Marie Brenner, Letter from Bombay capturing the related events. Original Version had following contents highlighting NDTV barkha dutt’s dirty role enabling islamic terror.

barkha dutt censored version 1 jpeg

Once the truth was pointed, NDTV got to work, got the original version of Marie’s post censored. Now the Doctored Version alone can be seen at Vanity Fair site with the reference to Barkha dutt removed.

barkha dutt censored version 2 jpegBarkh Dutt’s deceits for islamofascists and against Indian natives is not new. It can be seen as NDTV abused Native Indian God Durga, abused Native Indian Gujaratis and undermines India through disinformation. Major chunk of Indian media has long been a roguish one dealing directly in deceit. The interplay of connections, by no means exhaustive that monopolise mass manufacturing falsehood is presented here. India is incidentally a strange place where all the totalitarian dogmatic trinities islam, communism, xianism converge.

Rogue Media Network There is no short cut but citizen vigilance which can defeat the above forces of totalitarian dogmatic evil.

Update: November 26, 2009: On the first anniversary of Islamic terror attack, Chief chef of Taj Hotel referred to rogue media’a islamic terror boosting role.

3 Responses to NDTV Barkha Dutt – Suppressio Veri

  1. Rehman says:

    These journos …barkha dutt, rajdeep sardesai, prannoy roy are scum of universe…….

  2. Raj says:

    Is there anything we can do to check Barkha? through courts? legel meants? to barr her from reporting or even working as a tv, professional. she is becoming dangerous for INDIA.

  3. r k anand says:

    Barkha is a blot on journolistic profession. She jOIn hands wth nira radia to defame and cook up story that I was influancing witbess in BMW case by tkng help of declared planted dubios witness. Nira radia had cheated me for taking 550000 us dollers from *Air UK *which was a legal fee due to me. Air _UK paid her d fee but she took money in england violating fera. I filed suit against *Air UK. Ang got my money aft ten years. Nira connived wth !Barkha Dutt to defame me. Court held. Witness to b a false fabricated plant witness and ordered his prosection. Court praised ndtv on sting not knowing that it was nira radia barkha cooked up false mischivios compaign to finish my career. Got is great. Truth comes out and history repeats itself. Both hv been cought on tape through independent govt intelligence. Both shud b ashamed af themselves. They covered their misdeeds to harm me. God wl punish them. I hv no regrets.

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