Mahatma Modiji Vijayadashami Shastra Puja

On Vijayadashami day September 28, Mahatma Modi leader of native Indians invoked blessings of God on weapons used by Security Forces.

India’s rogue media like NDTV (Deceit 24/7?), Congress I (islami-isai) sought to politicize the issue questionning the propreity of a state Chief Minister doing shastra puja. They misrepresented NaMo’s invoking God’s blessings on weapon as NaMo worshipping assault rifle. 

It must be noted that the same rogue media felicitated musharraf, someone whose armymen we know butchered captured Indian soldiers and awarded money to islamic terrorists for beheading captured Indian Army men. 

Modiji’s speech is presented below. And Vote below if NaMo committed any impropriety.

In his speech Mahatma Modiji refers to the glorious native Indian tradition where violence has to be restrained by Dharma. He also refers to Gita’s message. After talking about the importance of nonviolence in Indian tradition which extends even to non humans, Modi says weapons have to be used only to defend innocent native Indian people from evil forces of totalitarian terror. 

He lauds security personnel for their remarkable contribution in the face of jehadi terror and wishes them and their progeny very best that life can offer in terms of happiness and a bright future for their children.


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