Nirbal Se Ladayee Balwaan Ki! Ye Itihaas Hai Diye Ki Aur Toofaan Ki

This post has its genesis in RSS Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat’s visit to Ahmedabad.

Sarsanghchalak divided Indians into four types.  He said the following: There are four classes of Indians.

  • One: those who are proud of the fact that they are Hindu,
  • two: those who are ashamed to say they are Hindu,
  • three:those who know they are Hindu and
  • four:those who don’t know they are Hindu.

Sarsanghchalak highlighted that fourth class of Indians (converted muslims/christians, their progeny) create trouble in India.

From a nationalist perspective key question is how can the disharmonious class 4 Indians, that seek to undermine native Indians can be accommodated into national body short of coercive means. It is clear, in the minimum Articles 25-30 of Indian Constitution need to be booted out as they enable takeover of nation by undesirable totalitarian dogma folllowing sections.

RSS/BJP wud do well to get clarity on strategy, goals, objectives on harmonizing type 1 Indians, type 3 indians on type 1 platform. Type 2 and Type 4 Indians that seek to undermine native Indian ethos would need to be convincingly defeated. A stalemate is not an option as those that follow totalitarian dogmas never hesitate to take advantage when the times are propitious for them. In the minimum objective should be to abrogate Articles 25-30 from Indian constitution. These Articles 25-30 that empower totalitarian monstrosities were an outcome of lack of moral clarity.

This battle is not an easy one. The fight is for the soul of India which totalitarian trinity axis – islamists, christianists, communists seek to subjugate using all foul means.

Mohan Bhagwat and his men are alligned on the side of Dharma. Each native Indian would do well to marshall and manifest his/her kshatriya/khalsa spirit for Dharma and against dogma based totalitarian evil.

Enemy is extremely powerful and wicked with hugh money power, propoganda skills and field global level deceit, violence and lies.  Congress I (islami-isai) is their primary vehicle and they are going for native Indian jugular.  Their aim is nothing less than complete subjugation of natives, their beliefs, their way of life.

It is only the truthful nature of native Indian cause, God’s support for truth rather than dogma, and dedicated efforts from native Indians that can stall the danger.

Magnitude of challenge represented by islami/isai/communist totalitarian dogma and the motivation required to fight this Clear and Present Resident Evil can be perceived from the allegorical videos appended below. Fight between the true light of Hindu DiyaVersus Islami/Isai dogmagtic imperialist Toofan. (Diya incidentally was the electoral symbol of BJP progenitor Jan Sangh, a party which evolved as Janata Party and dethroned Congress I (Islami-Isai) for the first time in 1977)


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